Genshin Impact Player Figures Out The Fastest Way To Cross The Map

A Genshin Impact player has answered the question of how to move about the world in the fastest way. As an open-world action role-playing video game, Genshin Impact has players travel the fantasy world Teyvat, which is comprised of seven different nations. With such an expansive landscape, it\’s in the best interest of players to travel as fast as they can to find their lost twin sibling.

Players can choose a team of four interchangeable Genshin Impact characters to control as they traverse through the seven different nations and fight bosses. They select their characters from a roster that is unlocked through a gatcha game system. Because the roster is updated nearly every six weeks with new characters, players are spoiled for choice. Each character that the player has the option to choose for their team has varying strengths and abilities. Some characters have more stamina than others. It\’s this level of stamina that limits how fast and how far the characters can travel before getting exhausted.

Filed under \”Guides & Tips\” on the Genshin Impact subreddit page, user Vraskh posted a video they made detailing their discovery of the most efficient way to travel around Teyvat on foot. In their video, Vraskh compares the speed and stamina of several players to discover which combination of four players would make the fastest team. The video shows a side-by-side comparison of various character and action options, ultimately proving Vraskh\’s findings: a combination of Sayu and either Ayaka or Mona is the most efficient way to cross the map on foot. Using the dash action repeatedly for a character is faster than using the run action, and it consumes less stamina. In general, even though they consume the same rate of stamina as other characters, tall male characters are faster. The male character Kaeya\’s hidden talent called Utility Passive reduces the stamina consumption rate of the characters in the party by 20% while still maintaining speed. So seeing as stamina is the most important attribute, a player would do well to choose characters that consume less stamina.

Even though both Ayaka and Mona are slightly slower than tall male characters, they consume much less stamina. The female Genshin Impact character Sayu has a special talent called Yoohoo Ninja Arts: Fuuin Dash that enables her to curl up into a type of rolling wheel and travel at high speed. Not only is her skill faster than any running, but it also does not consume stamina. In summary, Vraskh proposes that the fastest combination is first using Sayu\’s skill, swapping with Ayaka or Mona to deplete their stamina, then once again swapping out for Sayu and using her skill.

The first anniversary of Genshin Impact\’s release is fast approaching next week. Fans are already eagerly awaiting Genshin Impact\’s Version 2.3, set to be released in November. In the meantime, a limited number of fans can try the beta version of Genshin Impact. With new characters guaranteed to be released in the beta version, players can try different combinations for their team and see if they can traverse the map faster than with the combination suggested by Vraskh.

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