Genshin Impact Player Finds A Demonically Head-Rotating Hilichurl

Genshin Impact player recently stumbled across an unsettling glitch that causes one of the game\’s enemies to rotate its head in an unnatural fashion. Footage of the glitch is striking a chord, as the action-RPG is mostly characterized by its charming cast of characters and relaxing diversions like Genshin Impact\’s recently added fishing mechanic – rather than its creepy monsters.

Genshin Impact has seen a meteoric rise in popularity since its release a year ago. The free-to-play open-world game has made a lasting impression with its fans thanks to a striking cel-shaded art style – some Legend of Zelda games famously use such graphics – alongside a satisfying gameplay loop of exploration and combat. Players are offered a massive collection of thirty-seven playable characters to choose from, each with their own unique aesthetic and backstory. This combination of soothing, addictive gameplay and charming, cutesy characters makes for an experience that very few would associate with horror.

Regardless of the game\’s general tone, it appears that at least one instance of Exorcist-style horror can be found in the open world, thanks to an apparent bug. Reddit user WerteeMc recently took to the internet to share footage of their encounter with a glitched-out Hilichurl. Unlike the rare Unusual Hilichurls hiding around the map, players don\’t expect much from standard Hilichurls like the one in the video. As WerteeMc approaches the creature, however, it becomes clear that something is off about it: its head is constantly rotating 360 degrees about its neck. WerteeMc attempts to bombard the monster with a number of different attacks, but the spinning doesn\’t seem to slow down at all. The Hilichurl doesn\’t appear to be interested in fighting, either, making the encounter even more unsettling.

The creepiness of this seemingly cursed Hilichurl stands in stark contrast to the light and whimsical designs of WerteeMc\’s various deployed characters. However, one might find some synergy in the combination of the spooky monster, raging storm, and intense string-heavy battle music, making this video a very interesting Genshin Impact artifact. The glitch appears to be harmless, too, making it more of a fun novelty than an actual problem to be patched out.

A Call of Duty: Warzone player recently found a glitch that caused a player to grow an unnatural third arm, showing that glitches can give many otherwise-straightforward games a creepy twist. In the case of this Genshin Impact bug, players are more likely to get a solid chuckle out of it than turn the game off in fear. Developer miHoYo regularly patches the game, so fans might not have the chance to run into this glitch for too much longer.

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