Genshin Impact Player Plays Every Day to Hit Max Adventure Rank

A Genshin Impact player has played every day to reach to be one of the first people to hit the game’s max Adventure Rank. Apart from leveling up the game’s different characters and items, Genshin Impact players will also need to increase their Adventure Rank to gain access to most of the game’s features and contents. This makes it important for players to regularly progress their Adventure Rank to not only gain access to certain features but to also reach certain locations. For example, the new region of Inazuma requires an Adventure Rank of 30 to access.

Genshin Impact is also celebrating its first anniversary in a couple of weeks. The massively popular online action RPG was launched last year on September 28, 2020, and almost instantly became a success. Surprisingly, developer MiHoYo has yet to officially announce any plans for the game’s anniversary. The game is currently in the middle of its new 2.1 update and the patch’s Moonlight Merriment Event, which begins a day before the game’s anniversary and runs through until the middle of October. MiHoYo may be planning to announce additional anniversary-specific events on top of the Moonlight Merriment Event.

A new video posted by user Adorable丶单纯 on Bilibili shows one Genshin Impact player reaching the game’s current highest Adventure Rank. It is one of the first few confirmed instances of a player successfully reaching AR60, although there may be at least a few more that have kept the achievement to themselves. Unfortunately, apart from bragging rights, the rewards for reaching Adventure Rank 60 seem to be rather lackluster considering the tremendous amounts of EXP and playtime needed to reach it. Apart from a few Primogems, Acquaint Fates, Original Resin, Enhancement Ore, and EXP books, the only other reward for reaching AR60 is the automatic conversion of Adventure Rank EXP to Mora.

In comparison, the amount of EXP needed to get from AR55, which unlocks the highest currently available World Level, to AR60 is more than triple all the EXP needed to get to AR 55. Furthermore, it would have normally been close to impossible for a player to reach AR60 with Genshin Impact\’s Resin energy system, which limits the activities the player can do in a day, within the past year. So players who have successfully reached the max Adventure Rank would have needed to spend real money to purchase the Primogems, the game’s premium currency, needed to buy additional Resin refills.

It’s definitely an impressive feat to be able to reach Genshin Impact’s maximum Adventure Rank. Even though it would require players to spend real money to achieve, the players would still need to invest a copious amount of time to grind all of the game’s activities to get all the EXP they would need to reach AR60. While MiHoYo has yet to announce any plans for increasing the max Adventure Rank at the moment, the developer may add content for AR60 and above once a majority of the player base successfully reaches it.

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