Genshin Impact players are frustrated with climbing mechanics and want a change

Genshin Impact has become a global phenomenon now. The adventure RPG keeps expanding its player base with every update. However many players feel that Genshin Impact needs to work on its climbing mechanics which is getting in their way of exploring the world of Teyvat. 

Genshin Impact Teyvat climbing mechanics: What is the problem

Popular Nintendo game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has hugely influenced the game mechanics of Genshin Impact. The game has taken many inspirations from the popular Nintendo hit. The similarities can be found throughout while exploring the gigantic world of Teyvat. However, as the game’s world keeps growing with new updates, some players are getting frustrated with the tedious climbing process.

Climbing in Genshin Impact

The game has a stamina management system to make the gameplay experience more realistic. Players feel that this is creating a huge problem while climbing on rough terrain which causes one to lose stamina pretty quickly. 

In the game, a player can climb on almost any surface which makes the exploration of Teyvat interesting for the player. But each update is seeing uneven and rough surfaces added to the game which is becoming very difficult to scale with the game’s current climbing mechanics. An online debate on this matter was started by Redditor mastocklkaksi

Mild opinion: Climbing takes away the joy of exploring new areas from Genshin_Impact

On the other hand, some people believed that stamina management makes the game realistic while chalking out strategies to explore the game world. The main frustration for some is after climbing a surface and exhausting their stamina they realize it was an optional objective. This was pointed by another Redditor, rouye_. Some believe that a grappling hook should be included to remove this hassle while playing.

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