Genshin Impact Players Ask For Yae Miko Buffs Before Her Release

While Genshin Impact has not yet added Yae Miko as a playable character, fans are already asking for a buff from developer miHoYo. The action role-playing game\’s cast of colorful characters continues to expand, with each new update typically adding two new heroes to unlock. While Genshin Impact confirmed Yae Miko as a playable character back in December 2021, the Electro warrior\’s release date has not yet been revealed.

Genshin Impact\’s 2.0 update added Yae Miko to the game as a non-player character back in July 2021. Serving as both a head shrine maiden and the editor-in-chief of the Yae Publishing House, the character\’s infallible manners serve to conceal her mysterious true nature. After her introduction into Genshin Impact\’s world of Teyvat, rumors began circulating that the fascinating figure would be added to the game as a playable character in the future. While miHoYo eventually confirmed these claims, it is still unknown when exactly Yae Miko will be added to the role-playing title\’s roster. Leaks concerning Genshin Impact\’s 2.5 update suggest that Yae Miko will be added in the game\’s next update alongside another hero named Ayato.

Yae Miko has not yet been released, but Genshin Impact fans are already suggesting a buff for the upcoming character. Shared by Reddit user Sweet-Promotion-974, a post by Twitter user 46cba reveals leaked details about Yae Miko\’s in-game abilities. The Electro character apparently possesses an elemental area-of-effect burst attack, but according to 46cba the ability has a very limited range. There is also a time delay between bursts of electricity, which may allow fast enemies to move out of range of subsequent attacks. Other Redditors agree with 46cba\’s assessment of Yae Miko\’s abilities, explaining that Genshin Impact\’s enemies are far too swift to be caught by the ability\’s short range and slow strikes.

While the character has not actually been added to Genshin Impact yet, Yae Miko has already attracted a respectable fanbase of supporters. The hero possesses a unique backstory and personality, and her design helps her stand apart from other recent additions to the fantasy title\’s cast. Genshin Impact fan art of Yae Miko illustrates the character\’s positive reception, which was already established thanks to her presence as an in-game NPC. With Yae Miko soon becoming an actual playable character, the expert editor\’s fan following is sure to grow even larger.

Asking miHoYo to buff a character that has not even been released yet may seem strange, but 46cba does raise some valid concerns. Yae Miko\’s abilities seem to focus on taking down immobilized enemies, despite the fact that many of the title\’s foes are extremely elusive. While many gamers already adore the superpowered shrine maiden, a pre-release buff could make Yae Miko more effective on the battlefield.

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