Genshin Impact Player's Brother Recreates Thoma's Attacks In Real Life

Genshin Impact player\’s brother recently recreated and broke down playable character Thoma\’s attacks in real life. The miHoYo-developed title offers a variety of playable characters that are obtainable by gathering Genshin Impact primogems and rolling for a chance to win them. The developers actively work on the game, releasing updates, new characters, and new areas to explore – all of which contributes to Genshin Impact\’s rise to the position as one of the most popular games in the industry since its release over a year ago.

RedFlaim is a Genshin Impact content creator that posts weekly videos on YouTube and has had his channel for less than a year. Their videos consist of explaining Genshin Impact lore, character builds, underrated characters, and in-game updates. They published their first video somewhat recently – January 3, 2021 – and has seen sizeable growth since then. Their channel now sits at over 70,000 subscribers.

RedFlaim\’s most recent video stars their older brother, Michael – a professional martial artist with over seven years of martial arts training. Together they break down the moves of Genshin Impacts\’ newest upcoming five-star character, Thoma. Thoma is a shielding character that uses a Polearm as his weapon of choice. Michael recreates some of Thoma\’s abilities using his martial arts skills and knowledge, and his movements are almost perfectly replicated step-by-step (aside from the absence of Thoma\’s in-game weapon).

RedFlaim and his older brother also explain that they actually had to jump-cut certain parts of the clip due to the complexity of the moves. One move, which Michael described as \”the cork,\” appears at the end of Thoma\’s shown attack sequence and is the most difficult move to replicate. Additionally, Michael explains that incorporating the Polearm would make the moveset much harder to execute. RedFlaim and their brother briefly explored other character attacks, many of which are similarly difficult (or impossible) to replicate.

Many of Genshin Impacts\’ character\’s abilities and animations are modeled after different forms of martial arts. Some appear to be doable and take inspiration from real-life moves, while others would be considered superhuman if successfully executed in real life. That said, given Genshin Impact\’s fantastical world, it is unlikely players are expecting true, human-like authenticity from its exceptionally athletic characters. However, it is fascinating to note where and when real-world influences appear throughout the popular action RPG.

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