Genshin Impact: Pros & Cons Of The Double Rerun Banners

miHoYo recently introduced double rerun Banners during Genshin Impact\’s Version 2.3 update, which featured the Knights of Favonious Albedo and Eula. This was the first time the free-to-play RPG game ever had simultaneous Banners up that featured two different 5-star characters, where players can choose who to pull for. Because there are multiple ongoing Wishes, gamers are now given more options on Banners but having two different promotional characters up at the same time can also hurt players.

Genshin Impact\’s Banner system is a core mechanic in the game. It allows players to strengthen accounts either to complete tougher challenges or develop new strategies. Gamers may also attempt to pull on Banners to obtain characters for aesthetic reasons. Despite the Banners being similar to loot boxes in video games, Genshin Impact has a pity system implemented, which can help players obtain the desired character or equipment.

Players reaching 90 pulls in a specific type of Banner will receive a guaranteed 5-star character or weapon depending on the Wish. Pity accumulated on the limited Banners will carry over to the next one, which will help gamers obtain a 5-star more easily without needing to spend extra Primogems. The pity system for the double rerun Banners in Genshin Impact will be shared and will also carry over to future Banners.

Genshin Impact\’s Double Banners Can Help & Hurt Players

Genshin Impact\’s double Banners will naturally cycle between old characters faster, allowing players to pull for a unit without waiting too long. Originally, only one 5-star character will be featured for each Banner. Every update will contain two separate Banners; therefore, gamers needed to wait three weeks to pull for a different character. As miHoYo continuously introduces new characters to the game, it could take months or even a year before a 5-star will return. Despite the faster cycles between characters, having simultaneous Banners can force players to use more Primogems, more quickly.

With limited Primogems in Genshin Impact, gamers will have less time to save for a particular character. It\’ll be worse if a player desires both characters that are currently up. This will affect free-to-play players the most, as gamers will now need to manage Primogems more intensely, especially if a new 5-star character is being introduced. For example, if players wanted both returning characters and the new upcoming 5-star unit, they will need to save a total of 86,400 Primogems or 540 pulls in order to acquire all three characters.

This is, of course, the worst possible situation as players can obtain the desired characters well before using the pity system. The release of Genshin Impact\’s 2.4 update may also contain a double rerun Banner. Leaks online suggest Xiao and Ganyu will return, but this is just a rumor. Whether or not miHoYo decides to continue using the new double rerun Banners for all future updates remains to be seen, but currently, fans of the game appear to approve of the new Banner system.

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