Genshin Impact Quality of Life Updates You May Have Missed

Genshin Impact Quality of Life Updates You May Have Missed

Genshin Impact continuously provides updates and improvements to the storyline as well as the gameplay. Some of these improvements include new characters such as Genshin Impact’s 5-star Hydro-user Yelan and new maps such as The Chasm. Additionally, HoYoverse has made it easier for players to enjoy the game – as long as they know where to look.
Since the late 2020 launch, Genshin Impact has faced some issues regarding the gameplay. Thankfully, HoYoverse takes player feedback into account with each survey. This helps the company better recognize problems in the difficulty of navigation or in other aspects such as material collection, and the developers can work toward fixing those problems. It\’s one of the many ways HoYoverse seems to listen to its fanbase, which is great for players.

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Many implemented changes are easy to miss, as they are mostly noted in official Genshin Impact news posts on the main website. This includes updates in both the main gameplay and sometimes hidden away in the settings and configurations. Genshin Impact is always improving and making the game easier for players to enjoy; here are the current quality-of-life updates that are worth utilizing.

Genshin Impact Lets Players Customize the Shortcut Wheel For Easier Access

Genshin Impact Lets Players Customize the Shortcut Wheel For Easier Access

Genshin Impact’s Shortcut Wheel allows players to quickly access other menus. The order of this Wheel used to be fixed with the following shortcut Icons: Battle Pass, Wish, Adventurer Handbook, Inventory, Character, Map, Quests, and Events. However, in a recent update, players are now able to customize the Shortcut Wheel according to their individual preferences. Players have the option to add or swap: Shop, Party Setup, Friends, Achievements, Archive, Character Archive, Co-Op Mode, Take Photo, Mail, Time, and Settings.

This means they can reorder the Icons for each menu, mix-and-match the ones they need, or clear some slots for a less crowded Wheel. This feature is particularly helpful for PS4 players who rely on this menu to navigate apart from the Paimon menu. By utilizing this function in the settings, players can make the menus more accessible to their individual needs.

Genshin Impact Quick Swap for Instant Elemental Burst

Genshin Impact PC players will be able to benefit from this quick-swap option. Players are already able to switch between their team using numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4. However, if players hold Left Alt while pressing the desired number, the swapped character will immediately use their Elemental Burst if they have it fully charged. For mobile players, this can be achieved by tapping onto the Elemental Burst icon beside the character icon.

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This Elemental Burst swap can be especially beneficial when battling the Spiral Abyss in Genshin Impact. Since every second counts in challenges such as these, these quick-swap Elemental Bursts may turn the tide. Unfortunately, this option has yet to be implemented for PS4 players, though it may come in a future update.

Genshin Impact: Brightness Toggle for Exploring Dark Regions

In the Graphics setting, players will be able to adjust Genshin Impact’s brightness. Players will have the bright image of Mondstadt on the left and darkness of the Underground Mines of The Chasm on the right. By using the slider, players can adjust the scene brightness from darker to lighter in order to achieve the desired setting in Genshin Impact.

This makes it easier for players to navigate unique terrain such as The Chasm along with future regions that thrive in the darkness. This setting can also be especially helpful if players have a higher sensitivity to light, as they will be able to make the bright areas – such as Genshin Impact’s Dainichi Mikoshi in Enkanomiya – less taxing on the eyes, which is especially great during longer play sessions.

Genshin Impact: Craft Ascension Materials From Existing Materials With Alchemy

Genshin Impact Craft Ascension Materials From Existing Materials With Alchemy

Ascension Materials and Talent Level-up Materials in Genshin Impact can be obtained from weekly Bosses and Trounce Domains. However, some players may have an excess of a certain Elemental Type and a lack of another. To combat this, players can visit the Crafting Table to use Alchemy. In the Convert tab, players will be able to convert Elemental Slivers, Fragments, Chunks, and Gemstones using existing supply.

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Players can select with Ascension Material they may need and toggle the Conversion List to ensure they use the material in excess. Then, using a certain number of Dust of Azoth, players will be able to transmute the Ascension Material from one Elemental Type in Genshin Impact into another. Dust of Azoth can be purchased via the Stardust Exchange in Paimon’s Bargains.
The same can be done for drops from Genshin Impact’s Bosses. These are needed to level character Talents past Level 6, though the type received per collection depends on in-game RNG. Similar to the Elemental Ascension Material, players can transmute their excess materials into the desired type. By using this feature, players will be able to save time while farming materials.

Genshin Impact: New Version 2.7 Artifact & Talent Recommendations

Genshin Impact New Version 2.7 Artifact and Talent Recommendations

A large part of building Genshin Impact characters to their maximum potential is Artifacts. This is crucial for boosting the overall DMG for DPS characters and optimizing the skills of others. As there are multiple components to Artifacts and their sets, it can be very easy to misunderstand their uses and viability on certain characters.

To help understand Artifacts in Genshin Impact, a system has been implemented where players can see recommendations for Artifact sets that best suit their characters according to the majority of other players. Additionally, players will be able to see the order in which they could build their characters’ Talents according to strength and popular use. As Artifacts and Talents require a number of Mora and materials to upgrade, this feature will help new and old players alike who may need some direction in how to build characters.

Additions and updates to the game’s core mechanics help make it more convenient for players in the long run. Some may require searching to find, while others may be fairly obvious. Genshin Impact will continue to improve its gameplay for players with each update.
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