Genshin Impact: Rear of the Library Puzzle Solution (Enkanomiya)

In Genshin Impact, players will face the rear of the library puzzle in the watery region of Enkanomiya. The library will be one of the first areas players encounter in Enkanomiya, and players will need to activate a mechanism in order to enter. Players should head toward the ruins to find the library and ignore the enemies along their path. Next, players should climb up the ruins where they will find a mechanism with enemies surrounding it. Players will need to defeat the enemies to unseal and activate the mechanism. If the mechanism is destroyed when players approach it, they should switch to Evernight to repair it. Players should then enter the ruins to find the library.

Of note, before players can solve this puzzle, they will need to unlock Enkanomiya in Genshin Impact. Players will need to be at least Adventure Level 30 and complete several quests to unlock this region. Once inside the library, players should head to the second floor, where they will find a scholar named Enjou, who will advise the player he is there to assist with their trials and gift them the map of Enkanomiya. The NPC will then task the player with finding a Golden Bridle.

To find the Golden Bridle, players will need to explore the library\’s rear and solve its puzzle as part of the From Dusk to Dawn in Byakuyakoku world quest. The rear of the library is only accessible from the outside, and once outside, players will spot a smaller building with a chest in Genshin Impact inside. When they enter the small building, players will discover the path leading to the chest is blocked. Near the building, players will find a Triangular Mechanism to the East, which they can activate using any attack. Once the mechanism has been activated, a wall with blue crystals at the bottom will move.

Enkanomiya\’s Rear Library Puzzle Solution in Genshin Impact

From there, players should head South of the building to locate a second Triangular Mechanism. Again, players should hit the mechanism with any attack to activate it to trigger a cut scene and move another wall, which will clear their path to the chest. Players will notice their quest objective has changed to Obtain the Golden Bridle.

Once players have the quest to obtain the bridle in Genshin Impact, they should enter the small building and follow the path until they reach a chest. Next, players can open the Exquisite Chest to find rewards as well as a Dull Golden Bridle. Once the item is obtained, players can return to the library and speak with Enjou, who will ask the player to meet him in Dainichi Mikoshi. To find him, players will need to explore the area of Dainichi Mikoshi, circling the island to the South to eventually find Enjou on a broken bridge.

Once players find Enjou on the broken bridge, the NPC will show them a mechanism in Genshin Impact\’s Enkanomiya that allows players to change from Evernight to Whitenight, which will be critical to solving puzzles in the region. Whitenight resembles daylight, while Evernight submerges the region in darkness and resembles night.

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