Genshin Impact Resinless Behavior: Best Ways To Pass Time While Waiting

Many Genshin Impact players have devised their own methods of entertaining themselves when they are out of Resin and there\’s no content left to do – whether that be creating their own games to play or utilizing the co-op function. This is largely due to the game\’s lack of endgame content. The Genshin Impact community has dubbed this sort of activity \”Resinless Behavior\” to describe the desperate need to do something in the game besides closing it and doing something else.

Once players have completed Spiral Abyss, their daily commissions, the weekly bosses, and have used up all their Resin, there isn\’t really much left to do in the game for players who have already done most of Genshin Impact\’s main storyline, side quests, hangout events, and the limited events. It starts to feel monotonous, logging in to complete daily chores, and then logging out for the day. That\’s why many players have been coming up with their own games to play with each other, and other means of killing time while waiting for new updates.

Finding content in Genshin Impact as an endgame player can be extremely difficult, and so most endgame players have entirely abandoned that prospect and are instead turning to other, more ridiculous methods of entertaining themselves. There are still a lot of hidden secrets and weird bugs players have been able to exploit for their amusement. Not only that, but players have come up with increasingly more creative ways to entertain themselves under the name of \”Resinless Behavior.\”

Resinless Behavior – How Players Can Use Co-Op For Fun In Genshin Impact

Multiplayer is a great way to pass the time, whether it\’s playing with friends or strangers, there are lots of ways to have fun with other players in Genshin Impact\’s co-op. Some games can include elemental damaging games, that could be a group of low-HP Ambers, or any Pyro character, chasing each other and lighting the grass on fire until the last one is still standing or a group of low-HP Electro characters standing over water with the same goal in mind. Another more expensive game could be Hilichurl Volleyball, where two players use Jean and one uses Ningguang. Ningguang makes the volleyball net and the two Jeans use their Elemental Skills to toss a Hilichurl between each other.

Another way to co-op with other players is simply going into Domains, weekly bosses, or even just entering someone\’s world to help with their overworld bosses and not collecting the rewards. For lower AR players especially, these challenges can be very difficult, but also extremely necessary to upgrade characters. As a result, using co-op in Genshin Impact Domains is extremely beneficial for lower-level players who need help, and higher-level players have something to occupy their time with. It\’s easy to join someone else\’s world because they have to activate the Domain and spend their Resin, while the additional players can just obliterate all the monsters in their path.

Exploration is a great way to spend time for solo players who don\’t want to co-op. There are still a lot of hidden secrets throughout the map, and one way to avoid finding all those secrets too quickly could be to walk between locations rather than using the teleport waypoints. Especially for those who have completed Genshin Impact\’s 2.5 story quests, it\’s easier now more than ever to walk, or ice-bridge, across the entire existing map. While walking between locations, players also have an opportunity to find and exploit bugs for their own amusement, such as invisible walls or sinking under the map entirely.

There are still lots of ways for players to entertain themselves between updates without using Resin, and still many more hidden secrets in Genshin Impact. Although the lack of endgame content makes it more difficult to find things to do, the internet has supplied and encouraged players to find creative solutions to this endgame problem. The easiest way the game devs could help players with this would be to further update Genshin Impact\’s Resin so that players won\’t have to resort to Resinless behavior to entertain themselves. Until that time happens, players of Genshin Impact have subreddits and TikToks illustrating \”Resinless Behavior\” for their amusement.

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