Genshin Impact: Says He Who Seeks Stone World Quest Guide

The addition of the Chasm to the world of Teyvat in the version 2.6 update adds a whole new perspective to the game. New locations, quests, weapons, gadgets, and more have been added to the game. Says He Who Seeks Stones in the Chasm is a Genshin Impact world quest. Players can unlock this quest only after completing the Surreptitious Seven-Star Seal Sundering world quest. Travelers will need to collect nine archaic stones to complete the quest.

How to complete the Says He Who Seeks Stones Quest in Genshin Impact

The Says He Who Seeks Stones world quest can be commenced by talking with Muning at the entrance of The Chasm in Liyue. He will ask you to collect three Archaic Stones, which can be found in The Chasm above-ground. Speaking with him two more times will prompt him to ask travellers to collect 6 more archaic stones for him in exchange for more primogems.

Archaic Stone Locations

The Archaic Stones are stored inside glowing rocks blue in appearance that will break only when hit with attacks by Claymore wielding characters or with Geo damage.

Genshin Impact Archaic Stone Location
Archaic Stone Location (Image via KyoStinV)

1. North of Glaze Peak Teleport Waypoint

Head north of the teleport waypoint to the end of the cliff.

North of Glaze Peak Teleport Waypoint Genshin Impact
Image via miHoYo

2. South of the Statue of the seven

The stone is located south of the Statue. Head south and glide towards the cliff. The stone is located at the end of the cliff. 

3. East of Cinnabar Cliff

Genshin Impact says He who seeks stone
Image via miHoYo

From the location of the second archaic stone, head east and glide towards the bottom of the gorge. 

4. South of Tiangong Gorge 

Head south of Tiangong gorge and start climbing to the top of the cliff, using the wind currents (Sproutrocks). 

5. East of Tiangong Gorge

Head east from the fourth stone and keep moving in the direction of the glaze peak as marked on the map above.

6. Northeast of Tiangong Gorge

Head east from Tiangong Gorge’s waypoint. The stone is near the location of the Bedrock Key that players encountered during the Surreptitious Seven-Star Seal Sundering World Quest.

7. Fuao Vale

Genshin Impact says He who seeks stone
Image via miHoYo

This stone is located in Fuao Vale and is reachable by heading northwest from the teleport waypoint in the Surface. The location is near the area where players break the seal to go inside the underground mines. 

8. North of Fuao Vale 

North of Fuao Vale
Image via miHoYo

Head north from the Surface waypoint and keep climbing the cliff using the wind currents. The archaic stone is located on the top of a cliff near the stone archs northeast of the hidden valley domain.

9. West of Fuao Vale 

West of Fuao Vale
Image via miHoYo

Glide southwest from the location of the previous stone to find the last archaic stone hidden behind a cliff. The stone is placed near Qixing flowers, making it easy to spot. 

Says He Who Seeks Quest Rewards

To complete the quest, travelers will need to collect 3 Archaic stones, the rewards for which are the following: Adventure EXP x 150, Primogems x 20, and Mora x 30000. Collecting the other 6 will reward players with 40 more Primogems. Gathering and giving all 9 archaic stones to Muning will unlock another World Quest, The Chasm’s Bounty.

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