Genshin Impact: Sayu's Tail Rests Differently In Higher Chairs

Genshin Impact’s petite Inazuman ninja has been gaining some attention whenever she sits on high chairs. The claymore-wielding 4-star Anemo user takes pride in her Mujina outfit, which leads people to confuse her with a tanuki much to her dismay. But observant fans noticed that Sayu’s faux tanuki tail rests differently on chairs of varying heights.

Players got to know the Mujina Ninja and how she compared to Genshin Impact\’s other Anemo users when she debuted in Version 2.0 under the Tapestry of Golden Flames Banner. Sayu’s outfit is light and flexible, perfect for her work as a ninja. She is rather fond of the large hood as it gives her a sense of security. Coincidentally, it has a leaf on it, much like other tanukis that appear in mythology and popular culture. Sayu’s fake tail is designed to help her maintain her balance among branches. However, if people mistake her for a tanuki, Sayu will pout in anger. The mechanics of her costume begs a couple of questions: If Sayu’s tail is patchwork and fake, how does it work, and how does she manage to sit with it?

On Reddit, Nasharuna pointed out how Sayu’s tail rests differently depending on chair height, sharing two screenshots. While sitting on a short bench, Sayu’s tail is curled up next to her. However, her tail dangles freely when Sayu sits on a tall stool. This subtle difference shows the developer miHoYo’s keen attention to detail. Like Redditor Nasharuna said, “The more you know.” 

Nasharuna’s screenshots have prompted some discussion over the mechanics of Sayu’s faux tail and how she carries it. Since Genshin Impact\’s sleepy ninja uses Anemo to help her carry her oversized claymore, fans have speculated that she uses wind magic to control her tail. Others have joked about other possible means of tail management, like duct tape. Regardless, Genshin Impact players on Reddit have been generally impressed by miHoYo’s attention to detail as the mechanics of this tail has shown. 

Simple animations and poses like Sayu’s tail placement help bring miHoYo’s world of Teyvat and its characters to life. It is this attention to detail that allows fans to attach to the characters and settings so acutely. With new playable characters Arataki Itto and Gorou coming soon to Version 2.3 of Genshin Impact, fans will be able to see more of what Teyvat has to offer. Perhaps players will let the lazy but adorable Mujina Ninja and her quirky tail stay on their teams in the meantime.

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