Genshin Impact Secrets & Questions The Manga Answers

Genshin Impact Secrets & Questions The Manga Answers

Genshin Impact is filled with unique characters and intriguing stories, but players can\’t solve every mystery or learn every secret by playing the game exclusively. Like many action-RPG titles with expansive, open worlds, Genshin Impact has several storytelling mediums, with the game\’s official manga exploring new areas, characters, and stories. Although HoYoverse doesn\’t make this apparent in-game, Genshin Impact\’s manga is available on Webtoon and the game\’s official website. While some stories occur before the game\’s start, others focus on playable characters and influential figures, like Diluc, Jean, Barbatos, and the Fatui Harbingers.

Genshin Impact is an open-world, action RPG that takes place in a mystical land called Teyvat. Players control one of two Traveler twins, a pair of adventurers from another world, and become trapped after an Unknown God blocks their escape. Players collect characters and use different elemental powers, called Visions, to defeat the world\’s many enemies. The game features dozens of unique stories, including Story Quests for 4-star and 5-star characters, Archon Quests, and World Quests. Players can also discover lore hidden throughout the world in books, signs, and dialogue with NPCs in cities or the wild. However, there\’s another way for players to collect lore about the beloved RPG through the game\’s official manga.

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There are many important events, characters, and new regions that Genshin Impact doesn\’t expand on yet. Mondstadt, Liyue, and Inazuma all have impressive lore and important characters from the past, but players cannot explore many first-hand accounts from the past beyond character dialogue. Additionally, Genshin Impact\’s storytelling is restricted to a mostly linear fashion, with Archons recalling past events through artistic flashbacks and narrations. Most in-game events are also impacted by the player character (Aether or Lumine), which prevents players from learning too many untainted facts about Teyvat. Thankfully, the Genshin Impact manga explores dozens of stories that developed the playable characters and the evolving world players inhabit today.

Genshin Impact\’s Manga Explains Why Diluc Hates The Knights Of Favonius

Genshin Impact Characters With Birthdays In April 2022 Diluc

Diluc is one of Genshin Impact\’s 5-star characters and one of the first players meet in their adventure across Teyvat. It quickly becomes apparent that the Pyro Vision-wielder despises the Knights of Favonius, but players who don\’t obtain this character won\’t find out why. In-game dialogue suggests Diluc\’s disdain comes from a disagreement with how the Knights of Favonius operate, but the whole truth is far darker. As shown in the Genshin Impact manga, Diluc once worked with the Knights of Favonius and became the youngest Cavalry Captain at age 14. Unfortunately, his brilliant career ended when his father perished during an encounter with Ursa the Drake. Diluc, wracked with grief and guilt over failing to save his father, lost faith in the Knights of Favonius when a Favonius Inspector (Epoch) requested that Diluc amend events in his report to protect the Knights\’ reputation. Unwilling to omit his father\’s heroism, Diluc left the Knights of Favonius and pursued an independent crime-fighting operation as the Darknight Hero.

Genshin Impact\’s Manga Explores The Fatui Harbingers And Their Secrets

genshin impact character leaks dottore

The Fatui Harbingers in Genshin Impact are a mysterious order from Snezhnaya who seek the Gnoses hidden within each Archon\’s body. The purpose for this is largely unknown, though these objects allow the wielder to control each element without a Vision. However, the Genshin Impact manga introduces another Fatui Harbinger and another plot from Snezhnaya to secure power across Teyvat. Since Snezhnaya and their Fatui are an impactful, overarching mystery in Genshin Impact, their inclusion provides information on upcoming plots, characters, and unanswered secrets. Dottore is the manga\’s main antagonist and a Fatui Harbinger of terrifying renown. Like his compatriots, Dottore influences his targets from the shadows to claim victory, preferring the social arena to the battlefield. This unrelenting villain has visited Mondstadt, Liyue, and Sumeru, meaning he could appear in the upcoming Sumeru update. However, Il Dottore\’s appearances also answer a crucial question concerning Snezhnaya\’s military: How did they get so powerful and technologically advanced?

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Snezhnaya remains a mystery in Genshin Impact, with characters rarely unveiling more information beyond the Fatui, the Tsaritsa, its cold weather, and its technological prowess. While some praise Snezhnaya for its power, influence, and diplomats, the truth behind its military power is much darker. During Il Dottore\’s appearance in the manga, he explores a secret base called Haeresys, which houses human experiments. While unconfirmed, some of these advancements likely influenced the Fatui Skirmishers, who have elemental technology welded to their bodies. Unfortunately, the Fatui\’s appearance in the manga sparks more questions than answers, namely what Haeresys\’ true purpose is. Since it\’s likely Dottore could appear in Genshin Impact, more answers to Haeresys may be offered, alongside more Fatui characters and survivors of their plots.

Genshin Impact\’s Pyro Archon & Natlan Region Are Very Dangerous


Players know little about Genshin Impact\’s Pyro Archon, save that she rules Natlan, her name is Murata, and is somehow related to Mondstadt\’s Vennessa and her people. However, the Genshin Impact manga elaborates on this Archon\’s descendants, which suggests the Pyro Archon could be a cruel ruler. Vennessa and her people are known as Children Of Murata for their bright red hair. The Muratans leave their homeland for unknown reasons, though considering Vennessa\’s nobility and dedication to peace, they likely refused to participate in Natlan\’s bloodshed. It\’s unknown if Vennessa\’s whole Clan is related to Murata or used the title to maintain some connection to their homeland. However, Venti (aka the Anemo Archon, Barbatos) states that Murata has turned into a \”wayward, warmongering wretch,\” suggesting that Natlan is in worse shape than most other nations. If Natlan\’s culture forced Vennessa to abandon her home for more peaceful lands, it could be the greatest threat in Teyvat yet.

Genshin Impact\’s Manga Confirms New, Forbidden Elements Exist

Genshin Impact 3.0 Collei Character Leaks

While many players anticipate the new Dendro element joining Genshin Impact\’s arsenal, the manga confirms that elements exist outside the established seven types. HoYoverse confirmed Dainsleif as a future playable character, with his Elemental power listed as a collection of unknown letters. However, the manga confirms the existence of other powers through human creation, the Deev, or strange magicks. A character named Collei is shown wielding strange, black flames after undergoing Fatui experiments. Whether the Fatui manufacture these power similarly to Delusions or utilize ancient Khaenri\’ahn technology is unknown, but the manga\’s inclusion of these elements and Dainsleif\’s future release could hint at more powers joining Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact has utilized its manga to expand on important events and characters without taking focus away from the game\’s central conflict. Many players are eager to reunite with the Abyss Twin and unravel the mystery of the Unknown God, and skipping between the past and present-day could be disorienting and boring. Hopefully, the plotlines and characters from the manga can appear in Genshin Impact\’s future, connecting the two storytelling mediums.

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