Genshin Impact: Side By Side We Venture Guide (Tasks & Rewards)

Side by Side We Venture is a new event in Genshin Impact that has players invite friends for rewards. The event can be found on miHoYo’s website, though there is also a link to the appropriate page through the game itself. It is accessed by opening the menu in the game and clicking on the Special Event button.

This Genshin Impact event lasts for about a month, and there are some decent rewards that players can gather over that period. The most common rewards are easy to access, but some of the more impressive rewards will be more challenging.

Players need to collect Genshin Impact event Vouchers to get their rewards. There are two different types available: Common Vouchers and Special Vouchers. These vouchers are earned by completing different tasks during the Side by Side We Venture event.

Rewards for the Side By Side We Venture Event in Genshin Impact

Players can get 20 Common Vouchers during the event just by logging into Genshin Impact every day. They can do this a maximum of ten times. In addition, sharing the event page every day also gets players 20 Common Vouchers, again at a limit of ten times. Players can share the page on Facebook and Twitter, or just click on the link icon to copy the website to the clipboard. It’s not actually necessary to paste it anywhere to earn Vouchers, so this option works great for those who don’t want to spam their friends with invites.

To get Special Vouchers, players will either need to recruit other new players or convince players who have stopped playing to return. If these new recruits reach certain Adventurer Ranks, the players earn the Special Vouchers. For example, if two of the new adventurers invited reach Adventure Rank 40, the player obtains Common Voucher x 300 and Special Voucher x 100. That translates into three common prizes, and one of the special prizes.

Once players have collected 100 Vouchers, they can redeem them to flip over cards on the rewards page. The rewards for Common Vouchers translate into in-game items, such as Mora, Mystic Enhancement Ore, or Hero’s Wit.

The prizes for Special Vouchers are quite nice. Players can get Primogems, which are used in the gacha system in Genshin Impact, but there are also real-world rewards. These include an iPad 8th Generation Wireless LAN Model 128 GB (Random Color), and a Paimon Food Theme Blind Box (Full Set).

Special Vouchers are very difficult to get, so most people will only ever see the Common rewards. Still, the Common rewards are useful, as the materials are needed to level up characters and weapons, which is especially essential for those players who have unlocked new characters.

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