Genshin Impact Side Quests More Fun Than The Main Storyline

Side quests in Genshin Impact can be a lot of fun, and they offer players numerous rewards and chances to earn more Mora and EXP along the way. Depending on the side quest, players can earn EXP Books, Ascension materials, and even new playable characters on a select few (and admittedly rare) occasions. And while most side quests offer something unique or worthwhile, some quests are even more fun than the actual main storyline in Genshin Impact.

As a free-to-play RPG, Genshin Impact gets major content updates every six weeks. On top of new weapons, playable characters, and items, these updates usually include quite a few new side quests to experience. It\’s a nice way to keep the game feeling fresh, and limited-time events – like Genshin Impact\’s latest Hangouts – are a nice incentive for bringing back players and enticing newcomers, too.

The main storyline of Genshin Impact is still a lot of fun, and this is where players will unlock new quests and areas in-game. Because of this and the nearly constant updates, many fans may feel compelled to avoid side quests altogether and only worry about advancing the main narrative. This way, they won\’t fall too far behind. Besides, the current amount of side quests in Genshin Impact is already pretty intimidating and with Version 2.2 adding Tsurumi Island, there\’s even more for players to do now. In fact, there\’s a lot of missable content in the game, and it\’s a shame since some of the side quests in Genshin Impact are more fun than the main storyline.

Genshin Impact Best Side Quest – A Teapot To Call Home

The addition of the Serenitea Pot and housing in Genshin Impact was one of the biggest leaps forward in content since the game launched. Since the initial release, this part of the game has added in additional crafting features, fishing mechanics, and even gardening. For players to gain access to this, they\’ll need to start with the \”A Teapot Called Home\” side quest.

The quest itself isn\’t too difficult and is part of a longer chain. However, it introduces a cutesy new character – the Serenitea Pot spirit, Tubby – and opens up a lot of fun content. Because of this, it\’s one of the more memorable side quests in the game.

Genshin Impact Best Side Quest – Troublesome Work

Lisa is one of the first characters players unlock in Genshin Impact – and she\’s also completely free. In terms of starter characters, she\’s one of the most memorable, and this is perhaps due to the \”Troublesome Work\” quest players undertake with Lisa. This Genshin Impact side quest can be unlocked early on – as soon as Lisa is acquired through the main story – and sends players on a sort of date with the Mondstadt librarian.

In many ways, \”Troublesome Work\” is a precursor to the Hangouts Events that were introduced into Genshin Impact later on. This side quest allows players to spend more time with a character they love, and the prevalent innuendo and Lisa\’s flirtatious attitude make it one of the game\’s most memorable moments.

Genshin Impact Best Side Quest – Thoma\’s Hangouts Event

Hangouts Events have remained a popular part of Genshin Impact, but Thoma\’s new Hangout for Genshin Impact 2.2 may be the best of the bunch. Thoma is a hugely popular character already, and this event allows players to get to know him a little better. Like other Hangouts, there are multiple endings to experience.

Over the course of this Hangout, players get to experience some playful dialog with Thoma and get to learn more about Inazuma\’s lore. The highlight, however, is probably getting to see dogs and cats in cute outfits. And since Thoma isn\’t quite playable in Version 2.2 yet, this is a nice way to see him a lot in-game before he arrives on Hu Tao\’s Banner rerun.

Genshin Impact Best Side Quest – Trails In Tianqiu

The Liyue region is full of Genshin Impact side quests for players to discover. Arguably the most fun of these is \”Trails in Tianqiu,\” which involves three towers and a number of challenges. In addition to letting players test their mettle, this quest rewards them with three Exquisite Chests and three Luxurious Chests.

The variety involved with each of these towers in another reason to love this side quest. One tower focuses on combat, another focuses on time, and the last one involves solving a big puzzle. By the end of the quest, it feels like players have experimented with the different types of challenges Genshin Impact can offer – and they\’ve netted some pretty nice rewards in the process.

Genshin Impact Best Side Quest – Unlocking The Waverider

The Waverider was introduced in Genshin Impact 1.6, and the 2.0 update improved its features even more by splitting the boat\’s stamina meter from the player\’s. Getting to steer a small ship around the waters of Inazuma can be a lot of fun. However, the Waverider is currently limited to the Electro region – meaning it can\’t be used in Mondstadt or Liyue.

Despite this, unlocking the Waverider in Genshin Impact is a lot of fun and offers a reward (the boat itself) that can be used again and again. Like the Serenitea Pot quest, it\’s mostly memorable for the reward and the way it changes gameplay. Still, for anyone wanting to commandeer a boat in Genshin Impact, this Waverider quest can be more fun than the Inazuma storyline – since it offers a nice break from the narrative focused on political turmoil going on there.

As players have come to expect in Genshin Impact, many of these quests are unlocked after reaching a certain Adventure Rank or reaching a storyline requirement. Because of this, it can be difficult to ignore the main story for very long. However, each of these Genshin Impact side quests are a lot of fun and can offer a nice break from the game\’s ongoing narrative of politics, gods, evil factions, and warring nations.

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