Genshin Impact Specters guide: Locations, usage of Spectral Husk, Spectral Heart, and Spectral Nucleus

In the popular RPG of Genshin Impact, Specters are Common Enemies found in Inazuma. They float in the air and have what appears to be a single eye. When hit by an attack that deals a lot of damage, it will accumulate Fury and grow larger and stronger. When defeated they will explode. Unlike Slimes, they are not aligned with their respective element but are still immune to them. They can also fly over water and survive underwater. There are three types of Specters- Anemo Specter, Geo Specter, and Hydro Specter. Regardless of types, they all drop three types of materials depending on their level. Are you having trouble finding Specters? Here’s a guide on how to farm 111+ Specters in just 10 minutes in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Specters: Types

Anemo Specter Geo Specter Hydro Specter


Locations of Specters in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Specters guide
Locations to farm Specters in Genshin Impact

Here are the locations for 111+ specters, they are found only in the Inazuma region. Specters locations can be pinpointed on the map by using the Adventurer Handbook. But to make things easy for our readers we have pinpointed the locations of all the Specters. We suggest players make a route before starting farming so you can easily farm all the specters without any problems.

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