Genshin Impact: Spectral Secrets Event Guide (Expeditions & Rewards)

Genshin Impact 2.1’s Spectral Secrets Event is one of the fastest ways to earn Primogems in the game right now. In this event, players use the game’s expedition function to send characters on special expeditions that reward plenty of Primogems and other goodies players won’t want to miss.

The Spectral Secrets Event involves players investigating Spectral activity around Inazuma to unlock expedition locations. Players can use the characters they currently have, along with support from friends’ characters, to earn rewards over a certain period of time. Here’s how to play the event and what rewards are available.

To unlock the event, players must be at least Adventure Rank 30 and have completed the Ritou Escape Plan stage of the Inazuma Archon Quest. To complete this quest, players must have reached Inazuma, which can be done by first completing the Archon quests of both Mondstadt and Liyue.

How to Participate in the Spectral Secrets Event in Genshin Impact

Once players are eligible, they can start the quest by talking to Katheryne in Inazuma. She’ll let them know that elemental life forms known as Specters have been appearing in large numbers across Inazuma. Because of this, the Inazuma City Adventurer’s Guild is commissioning adventurers to explore these areas.

This event can be accessed through a new tab in the ‘Dispatch Character on Expedition’ tab at the Inazuma Adventurer’s Guild. Here, players will see there are eight total expeditions they have access to each day. There will always be one S-Ranked expedition, two A-Ranked expeditions, and three B-Ranked expeditions. Players can do a maximum of four expeditions a day, and higher-ranked expeditions grant greater rewards.

If players want to participate in an S-Ranked expedition, they’ll need to conduct a Preliminary Investigation first. In these investigations, a small area in Inazuma will be marked on the map. In this area, players must light all the Electric Lamps, and then fight a horde of Specters. These Electric Lamps take the form of stacks of stones in the shape of a small lantern, and can be lit by standing next to them with an Electrograna. Once players complete this, they’ll be able to send characters on the S-Ranked expedition.

Genshin Impact Primogems Free Guide

Certain characters are better suited for certain expeditions, and using the recommended characters will grant more item rewards once that expedition is completed. If players don’t have enough characters to get a perfect expedition reward, they can call on the support of a well-suited character from a friend’s character collection.

To maximize the amount of Primogems earned, players will always want to do the S-Ranked Expedition and the two A-Ranked ones. The final B-Ranked expedition can be chosen based on which one grans the rewards players want more. By doing this, players can earn an additional 60 Primogems per day, along with plenty of other materials and resources.

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