Genshin Impact Spices From the West event: Details, Rewards and more

Genshin Impact has revealed the upcoming event Spices From The West which will involve players engaging in a cooking event. As part of the Zephyr of the Violet Garden update, the event focuses on travelers helping a visitor, Nazafar from Sumeru to conduct research on seasonings. All the players have to follow the recipes given by her and in exchange, players will earn rewards.

Genshin Impact Spices From the West event: Details

The event will be live on each server from May 14, 2022, to June 7, 2022. Travelers with Adventure Rank 28 or above can participate in the Spices from the West event. Players also need to complete the quest “Idle Teapot Talk” to cook the corresponding dishes and invite characters to taste-test. The rewards for the event include Primogems, Mora, Enhancement materials, and Hero’s Wit

How to play Genshin Impact Spices from the West event

The event is a straightforward minigame that is about timing and picking the right ingredients following the recipe given by NPC, Nazafar. Each seasoning will have its corresponding ingredients which players will need to collect before preparing the seasoning. These ingredients are commonplace like mint, horsetail, etc. so finding them should not be difficult.

A new seasoning recipe will unlock on each of the first 7 days of the event. To successfully make a seasoning, follow the needle moving back and forth from edge to edge and press the slider when it hovers over the correct ingredient in the same order as indicated in the recipe. Remember that there is a limit of three tries to create a seasoning.

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Using freshly created seasonings, travelers can prepare fragrant dishes by adding the seasonings on top of delicious dishes. These dishes can be used to increase the companionship exp of characters by inviting the characters to the Serenitea Pot and making them taste the dishes.

Do remember personal preference of characters is also taken into consideration when they feedback on the food. Post-June 7, Fragrant Seasonings and Fragrant Dishes will be removed from the inventory, so use them before they expire.

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