Genshin Impact split screen co-op video left fans stunned

Genshin Impact, HoYoverse’s open-world RPG has been one of the most successful titles since its release engrossing over $3 billion only on the mobile platform. Set in the mystical world of Teyvat consisting of 7 nations, the game follows the story of the traveler who is separated from their sibling. The anime-styled visuals, the seamless and fluid action sequences in addition to over 50+ playable characters complement the story and are the reason why the game has such a big community of players and fans.

Image via HoYoverse

An important aspect of the game, Co-Op lets the players play with their friends to explore the world, fight together in domains and visit Sereniteapot. While the fans of Genshin Impact are known to great lengths to display their love for the game by cosplaying different characters and recreating various in-game items like creating a replica of the swordSkyward Pride, one fan took it even further.

Two players playing Genshin Impact using a Co-op split screen has left fans amazed

One such instance was shared on the Genshin Memes Twitter account. Here two people can be seen playing Genshin Impact on the same device using a Co-op split screen setup. The video instantly gathered the attention of fans as they were left wondering how the player managed to play with two different accounts at the same time using one device.

How to play Genshin Impact co-op in a split screen

Currently, there is no option available on any platform to run 2 accounts of Genshin Impact. One of the plausible ways that come to mind is having a clone of the app with a different account setup and running the two instances in split screen mode. Some people also started speculating if the video is indeed true or is edited. 

Additionally, Genshin Impact is a very resource-intensive game, and running two instances is a herculean task. Therefore, many people were also intrigued by the fact that a mobile device could handle such load and started inquiring about the phone used in the video.

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