Genshin Impact Streamer Leaks 3.0 Closed Beta On Twitch

Genshin Impact Streamer Leaks Sumeru 3.0 Beta Test Mordex

Genshin Impact streamer Mordex shocked his audience by broadcasting the Genshin Impact 3.0 closed beta on the popular livestreaming service Twitch, breaking the non-disclosure agreement all beta testers must abide by. Although some Genshin Impact players enjoyed the leaked content, the general response to the streamer\’s actions has been negative, with many condemning his actions. The livestream was met with backlash from Genshin Impact players, including many who were upset by the spoilers that came out of the stream, which spread rapidly on social media.
Genshin Impact is no stranger to leaks and its Version 3.0 beta test has been no exception, with many prominent Genshin Impact leakers sharing leaks from the upcoming update on a daily basis. However, HoYoverse has been known to take legal action against beta testers who break the terms of their agreements. Earlier this year, news broke of a Genshin Impact leaker being fined thousands of dollars for leaking content from Genshin Impact\’s 2.5 beta test. Given HoYoverse\’s track record of taking action against leakers, Mordex\’s recent actions could have significant consequences for the Twitch streamer.

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Despite the prevalence of Genshin Impact leaks, audiences were shocked to see a livestreamer broadcasting content from Genshin Impact\’s closed beta on Twitch. Mordex, who has over 61,000 followers on Twitch, livestreamed the closed beta on his channel, showing off the new Dendro nation of Sumeru and its unreleased characters. Mordex seemed to express no concern over breaking his non-disclosure agreement or the repercussions he likely faces. Though the streamer has since removed the VOD and any clips from the offending Genshin Impact livestream from his Twitch channel, punitive action seems inevitable. Mordex has since shared his apologies on Twitter, but his lack of remorse led to further backlash from Genshin Impact fans who were unimpressed by the streamer\’s actions.

Genshin Impact Creator Mordex Livestreams 3.0 Closed Beta

Genshin Impact Streamer Leaks Sumeru 3.0 Beta Test - Aether in Sumeru

Even if HoYoverse decides not to take legal action against the streamer, it\’s probably safe to say Mordex will never be allowed to participate in a beta test again. Furthermore, Mordex could lose his Genshin Impact accounts entirely, as well as a suspension or ban from Twitch for breaking their terms of service. Twitch has cracked down on intellectual property violations as of late, with streamers on Twitch seeing an increase in DMCA-related bans for copyright infringement.
Mordex\’s decision to livestream the Genshin Impact 3.0 closed beta on Twitch was understandably met with backlash, and will undoubtedly lead to repercussions for the Twitch streamer. Hopefully, this serves as a poignant reminder to Genshin Impact players, and the gaming community in general, to never break the terms of a non-disclosure agreement. HoYoverse has yet to release a statement regarding the incident but, judging by Mordex\’s tweets, the streamer believes the situation to be resolved. However, it seems likely that the backlash from the community is just the first of many repercussions for the Genshin Impact streamer.

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