Genshin Impact: Surfpiercer Activity Guide (Summertime Odyssey)

The Surfpiercer Activity is an activity added to Genshin Impact in Version 2.8 for the Summertime Odyssey Event. Version 2.8 came with the return of the Golden Apple Archipelago — an entirely new map filled with ocean, islands, and new lore for players to explore. Additionally, players have access to the Waverider boat in this area, alongside its new related event.
In the Surfpiercer Activity, players have to use the Waverider to navigate through a watercourse and reach the finish line as fast as possible. During the race against the clock, players will also have to grab as many green particles as they can to improve their score and speed.

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The Surfpiercer Activity has no combat elements, meaning players just need to focus on speed. The event itself is relatively simple, and players can earn a variety of great rewards by achieving high scores. Here\’s everything players need to know about the Surfpiercer Activity in Genshin Impact Version 2.8.

How to Play the Surfpiercer Activity in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Surfpiercer Waverider Event

Players can start the game by going to the starting location on their map, which they can find through the Surfpiercer Activity section of the Event Tab. After starting, players simply have to follow the green particles through the course until they reach the finish line as fast as possible. This is done by avoiding obstacles and using the Surfpiercer Surge speed boost button, which can be activated up to three times once its meter is filled.

Players can fill up the Surge meter by collecting green particles. Players can use the Coalesce button to pull in several at once when there\’s a group of particles close together. Using Surfpiercer Surge will not only grant a considerable speed boost but also destroy small nearby obstacles in the water. The mechanics of the game function almost identically to the Waverider event from Genshin Impact Version 1.6.
Players can retry any course as many times as they want, so there\’s no pressure to get the best score on the first attempt. However, trying a course multiple times may help the player get an idea of the layout, making it easier for the next attempt.

Near the end of the course, players will have to jump out of the Surfpiercer to catch wind currents that will carry them to the finish line. Most courses will ask the player to complete the race in under 140 seconds for a full score, along with another challenge. This extra challenge may include using the Surge several times, destroying a certain number of obstacles, etc. Getting a high score can reward the player with special Event currency for Version 2.8 and Primogems, which will be extremely useful when saving up for upcoming characters coming in Genshin Impact Version 3.0.

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