Genshin Impact Swords Guide and Tips

In case a player is new to Genshin Impact, he would not get much variety and choices when it comes to the weapons. Early-game players should just use whatever they can get their hands on, whether it’s a dull Blade, Silver Sword, or any 3* weapons. After unlocking the ‘wishes’, they can obtain many gacha weapons with a rarity of 3* and above. It is a fact that the higher the rarity, the better the sword. In this article, we will analyze swords in Genshin Impact, analyze and compare them with each other, and guide players to use them in-game.

Table Of Contents
  1. Genshin Impact Swords Guide: Analysis of swords based on roles
    • Team roles
  2. Genshin Impact Swords Guide: Comparision of swords of each rarity
    • 5* Swords
    • 4* Swords
    • Honourable Mentions (Swords)

Genshin Impact Swords Guide: Analysis of swords based on roles

Players should remember that each sword has its purpose and use in its own way, depending on how one plans on building the characters. Genshin Impact has an array of different characters with kits utilized in specific roles. Different playable characters serve different purposes. For comparison, the main roles that will be emphasized are:

Team roles

  1. DPS: Short for damage per second. Your main attacker in a party will do the big damage.
  2. Support: Pretty self-explanatory. They help your DPS by maxing their full damage capacity with their support capabilities.


When choosing swords for the DPS, the main priority should go in this order: Base Attack >Substat> Passive. The higher the Base Attack of the sword, the better. In terms of substats, having Crit Damage/Crit Rate is favored more than the others. Passives are always situational when choosing one since it depends entirely on which passive would suit your character the best in your build.

Genshin Impact DPS Swords Guide: Tier List based on DPS capabilities of each 3* sword and above ( Image via Tiermaker)


For most Support characters, Substat> Passive > Base Attack is the order of priority. Unless the character is Bennett, who needs a high base attack in order to increase his attack buff, Supports don’t usually require a high base attack. Energy Recharge is more of a priority in the Substat, since their Elemental Bursts are charged up more frequently for usage and as Supports, their capabilities lie on their Elemental Bursts. Elemental Mastery (EM) and HP are of similar importance also as some characters scale off of them.

Genshin Impact Swords Support Guide: Tier List based on Support capabilities of each 3* sword and above

Genshin Impact Swords Guide: Comparision of swords of each rarity

5* Swords

Swords Passive Comparison
Mistsplitter Reforged 


The sword gains a 12~24% Elemental DMG Bonus for all elements and receives the might of the Mistsplitter’s Emblem.

At stack levels 1/2/3, Mistsplitter’s Emblem provides an 8/16/28~16/32/56% Elemental DMG Bonus for the character’s Elemental Type. The character will obtain 1 stack of Mistsplitter’s Emblem in each of the following scenarios: Normal Attack deals Elemental DMG (stack lasts 5s), casting Elemental Burst (stack lasts 10s); Energy is less than 100% (stack disappears when Energy is full). Each stack’s duration is calculated independently.

Viable for all DPS characters since It gives an Elemental DMG Bonus.    Not good for support characters but the high Base Attack is suitable for Bennett      



CRIT Rate increased by 4~8%. Gains Skypiercing Might upon using an Elemental Burst: Increases Movement SPD by 10%, increases ATK SPD by 10%, and Normal and Charged hits deal additional DMG equal to 20~40% of ATK. Skypiercing Might lasts for 12s. Can be given to DPS for the high base attack and passive but not that viable.   It is also not suitable for Supports since ER is low and passive is for DPS characters.  

It may be given to Bennett for the high Base Atk and ER stat

Haran GeppakuFutsu

  BASE ATK: 46 SUBSTAT: 7.2%

(CRIT Rate %)

Obtain 12~24% All Elemental DMG Bonus. When other nearby party members use Elemental Skills, the character equipping this weapon will gain 1 Wavespike stack. Max 2 stacks. This effect can be triggered once every 0.3s. When the character equipping this weapon uses an Elemental Skill, all stacks of Wavespike will be consumed to gain Rippling Upheaval: each stack of Wavespike consumed will increase Normal Attack DMG by 20~40% for 8s. Suitable for all DPS because of Elemental DMG bonus, high ATK, and Crit. Not viable for Supports.


CRIT hits have a 60~100% chance to generate a small amount of Elemental Particles, which will regenerate 6 Energy for the character. Can only occur once every 12~6s. Not good for DPS.   One of the best swords for Support characters. Almost all supports can take advantage of it. At refinement 5 it can provide ER for your party which is useful in the long run.
Cinnabar Spindle


Elemental Skill DMG is increased by 40~80% of DEF. The effect will be triggered no more than once every 1.5s and will be cleared 0.1s after the Elemental Skill deals DMG. Obtainable from Version 2.3 Event. Only feasible for DEF scaling characters like Albedo
Blackcliff Longsword

BASE ATK: 44 SUBSTAT:8% (Crit DMG)  

After defeating an opponent, ATK is increased by 12~24% for 30 s. This effect has a maximum of 3 stacks, and the duration of each stack is independent of the others Can be purchased at Paimon’s shop only. A bit more F2P friendly as it provides Crit DMG and the passive provides ATK. Viable for DPS.   Not Support Friendly.

Honourable Mentions (Swords)

Harbinger of Dawn

BASE ATK: 39 SUBSTAT: 10.2% (Crit DMG)

When HP is above 90%, increases the CRIT Rate by 14~28%. A good 3* weapon and in some cases can outperform 4* ones if the passive is used best (As it is a situational weapon). It still falls short due to the low Base Attack.  

That’s all for the comparison and analysis of all the swords in Genshin Impact.

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