Genshin Impact: Teyvat Times Vol.2 returns on the eve of the 2.7 Update

The popular and informative Teyvat Times is back with Vol. 2 and brings fresh and new news and data for all members of the Genshin Impact community. Be it the new version or a change in policies, Teyvat Times has it all covered. A newsletter that was first seen in November 2020, with a final volume in January 2021, but eventually returned to the scene in March 2022 titled Teyvat Times Returns With a Bang.

Genshin Impact Teyvat Times Vol 2 brings the latest news from Hues of the Violet Garden

This edition of Teyvat Times brings to you an interview with Hues of the Violet Garden event fan favorites. The interview includes facts like:

  • In the Moon and Stars Inscribe event, Travelers clicked quite many pictures of different animals, the most popular of which were Kitsune, Violet Ibis, and Electro Crystalfly.
  • Eppiksu apparently has been waddling in fortune after selling statues of Raiden Shogun, which amounted to 4,753,786 in total.
  • Taroumarou took on an immense number of challenges in the Clash of Lone Blades, a whopping 1,476,210 challenges on average per day. Some Travelers even challenged Taroumarou in the span of 1 day, too, on the highest difficulty level. Maybe this is how the strong become stronger.

Latest news from the Chasm

An astounding 24,685 Travelers managed to collect and upgrade all the Lumenspar to Lumenstone Adjuvant to Level 10 within 24 hours after The Chasm opened. With Sweet Madame being the most mouth-watering dish player preferred, food consumption jumped by 31%!

Only 48% of The Underground Mines explorers have been able to find the secret underground passage. As many as 57,590 Travelers were trapped by coming into contact with dark mud and about 194,094 were defeated by monsters. Mines certainly are dangerous.

Image via miHoYo

An average of 13,313,701 ores were mined every day and more astoundingly, a certain player mined 3,872 ores in a day. Apparently, they weren’t the only one, as there was one more with an ore count of 3,237 in a day. Ruin Serpents had a hard time from Travelers all around. The last month saw a total of 4,635,922 Ruin Serpents being felled. One Traveler took it up by a notch and killed 111 of them in the last month. Maybe the Serpents shouldn’t have entered the World of Teyvat to challenge the Traveler.

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