Genshin Impact: Teyvat Times Vol. 4 releases at the end of version 2.8 update

Genshin Impact themed newsletter ‘Teyvat Times’ is back with its 4th volume at the end of version 2.8. This edition of the newsletter covers various information about adventures, stories, and exciting facts that happened in the Golden Apple Archipelago during the Summertime Odyssey. Teyvat Times was introduced back in November 2020 but was soon discontinued in the fall of January 2021. Eventually, in March 2022 it returned titled  Teyvat.

This Teyvat Times edition covers the Golden Apple Archipelago during the Summertime Odyssey

Teyvat Times Vol. 4 is based around the Golden Apple Archipelago. This edition of Teyvat Times brings the latest news from the islands during summer time odyssey: 

  • After the return of the Golden Apple Archipelago travelers opened around 56,042,023 chests in one day.
  • Nearly 35.51% of the players collected 14 phantasmal conches on the first day of the summertime odyssey.
  • 72% of the players missed at least one of the two phantasmal conchs in either twinning or broken isle.
  • On an average of 681,117 shows were performed every day in the twilight theater with 44.48% of the players bringing “Bystander” onto the stage, what’s funny about this fact is that a traveler from Asia brought the “Bystander” onto the stage 32 times.
  • Wolfgang received a total of 100,906 servings of Sweet Madame on the first day of the temple of Star Latitudes’ opening.

Battle on the High Seas

  • Only within a week of Golden Apple Archipelago’s opening travelers defeated a total of 529,583,117 hilichurls and sunk 56,711,433 hilichurl sea encampments.
  • In the first week of the event 1,665,189 travelers were defeated by falling into the water.

News from the Reminiscent Regiment event 

  • Players knocked out an average of 4,411,604 hilichurls from the platforms every day, although through teamwork 12 of the travelers got perfect scores on all the levels of the event on their first try.
  • In the raid phase of the event on average, 760,044 travelers had their wave rider stolen by other travelers.

That’s all from the Vol. 4 edition of Teyvat Times at the end of version 2.8. players who are interested in finding extra facts can head over to Genshin Impact’s Reddit and HoYoLab to find out more.

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