Genshin Impact: The Best Characters to Build First

Pulling new characters can be difficult in Genshin Impact, and resources are time-consuming to obtain, so players (especially new ones) may be confused about which characters to build first. Players will need at least one strong team of four if they want to explore Teyvat and defeat bosses with ease, but picking the right characters to invest in early can be difficult without some tips.

Building a character in Genshin Impact involves farming and leveling up the right artifacts, farming the right talent books, choosing the right weapon, and spending plenty of Mora and XP books on leveling them up. Since this can take a lot of time, early-game players will want to choose strong units that they already have to focus their energy on.

Players can obtain characters in Genshin Impact through the Wish system, which involves spending in-game currency to gamble for new characters. Through this, players have a very low chance of obtaining a 5-Star character and a higher chance of getting a 4-Star character. The game also grants players three free characters at the start of the game: Amber, Kaeya, and Lisa. Players can also get Xiangling and Barbara for free early on by doing quests and playing the Spiral Abyss.

The Best Characters to Build First in Genshin Impact

For players who are just starting, Xiangling is one of the best characters players can build. As a Pyro polearm Main DPS or Sub-DPS unit, Xiangling is considered a fantastic character even for late-game players. She takes little investment, and players just need to give her a Pyro Damage Cup artifact and lots of Energy Recharge for her to constantly enable strong Elemental Reactions (or lots of Crit Rate/DMG and ATK as the Main DPS). Similarly, players can build Kaeya if they want a similar support of the Cryo variety.

Players are also almost guaranteed to get Noelle at the start of the game. Noelle is a great support for early content thanks to her strong shield and ability to deal substantial physical and Geo damage. She also serves as a healer, and her ability to shield and heal typically makes her a more versatile support unit than Barbara.

For players who are lucky enough to pull him, Bennett is considered the best support unit in the game by many. Even as a 4-Star, Bennett’s Elemental Burst that heals and boosts attack damage for the on-field character, is considered one of the best ultimate abilities in the game. Players should definitely build Bennett if they want to do more damage fast.

In terms of Main DPS units, there are a few good options. Razor, Chongyun, Yanfei, Ningguang, and Beidou can all be built as solid lead damage dealers. Which character players build depends on which they have and what their team needs. For players with a good Hydro support like Xingqiu, a character that can enable Elemental Reactions like Yanfei or Chongyun is an excellent choice. For players who want to go for a Physical build, Razor is an excellent choice. Most of these characters can be great units as long as they are built correctly, so players should test them out to see which kit they enjoy most.

Genshin Impact has many characters, meaning players will have plenty of opportunities to get more powerful characters as they play. However, for those just starting out in the game, there are units they can build that might stick with them into the most challenging content of the game. However, if players manage to pull a 5-Star character early, it’s a given they should invest into that unit first!

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