Genshin Impact: The curious case of Moonchase Charms and the missing popup shop

For the past one and a half weeks, players have been tasked with finding Moonchase Charms as a part of the Moonlight Seeker Quest in Genshin Impact. The quest is a part of the Moonlight Merriment event which is about to end in a few days, but unfortunately, while completing the missions, travelers have yet not found a place or a popup shop to exchange the item for rewards as promised by Linyang. 

The in-game description of Moonchase Charms has changed

While players got other rewards such as Mystic Enhancement Ore, Luxurious Lord Claymore, weapon ascension material, and Mora by finding these items on reaching certain exploration levels, Moonchase Charms are lying around the players’ inventory and the question arises what to do with them. 

Some of the fans were quick to notice that the description of the item has changed since its first appearance in the game during the beta. The removal of the text hints at the removal of the reward shop and instead, the item is set to expire on October 11.

The Genshin Impact community was quick to react on this change

Players were hopeful that the Charms could be exchanged at Gouba’s statue but even that turned out to be false. With the expiration date approaching near it looks more and more likely that the Moonchase Charms would not have a reward in exchange. By the looks of it seems that the plans for an event shop were scrapped for unknown reasons. Unsurprisingly,  some fans were upset as they missed out on potential rewards as promised by Linyang. 

The topic gained traction on the Genshin Impact subreddit as well as HoYoLAB. While fans were irked by the lack of use, some came up with reasons justifying as to why it happened. One of the plausible reasons is that the code base is shared with other oculi in the game hence the mechanics are similar.

Moonchase charms confirmed to be placeholders. from Genshin_Impact

According to a wide range of player bases, if it was never meant to be an exchange currency there seemed to be no need for Linyang to bring it up during her conversation with the traveler. Regardless, the best thing to do right now is to wait for the event to end though we suggest players keep their expectations low with regards to getting more rewards to avoid further disappointment.

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