Genshin Impact: The Misplaced Conch World Quest Guide and Tips

A misplaced conch is a world event quest during the Summertime odyssey in the Golden Apple archipelago. A misplaced conch is a final part of the quest line the scattered past, unlocked by completing the misplaced photo, the discarded insignia, and the whole summertime odyssey event quest chain. In this article, we will learn about how to unlock The Misplaced Conch quest and rewards for the quest in Genshin Impact.

How to unlock the Misplaced Conch world quest in Genshin Impact

  • Completion of the misplaced photo
  • Completion of the discarded insignia 
  • Completion of the entire summer time odyssey quest line

How to start the Misplaced Conch quest

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  • Talk to the Fatui members which travelers have brought back to their senses in the camp on the central island
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  • Investigate the camp and the conch
  • After investigating the camp and talking with the Fatui, players need to find the lost conches on the islands.

Location of the three conches

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  • Conch 1: Minacious isle (represented by hilichurl pin)
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  • Conch 2: Broken isle

Players need to go to the island’s Stirring Strings and change the mountain style first before going to the above location.

Broken Isle
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There will be torches and pyro pillars puzzles that travelers need to light up to get the second conch.

  • Conch 3: Twinning isle

Players need to interact with the Three thirsty night Ravens and throw 3 stones (ores) to get the conch.

Order of placing the conches

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After retrieving the conchs place them in their original places at the camp:

  • Conch 1: striped cloth
  • Conch 2: white table cloth
  • Conch 3: red table cloth

Players will trigger a cutscene after placing the conchs in the correct order given above.

The Misplaced Conch Quest rewards

  • Primogem x 50
  • Hero’s wit x 3
  • Adventure EXP x 400
  • Mora x 30,000
  • Mystic Enhancement ore x 6

That’s all about the Genshin Impact Misplaced Conch World Quest.

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