Genshin Impact: The Misplaced Photo World Quest Guide and Tips

The Misplaced Photo is a limited period world quest during the Summertime Odyssey event in the Golden Apple archipelago. This world quest features a Mirror Maiden who has lost her Silver Pocket Watch. In this article, we will learn about how to unlock The Misplaced Photo quest and rewards for the quest in Genshin Impact.

How to unlock the Misplaced Photo world quest in Genshin Impact

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  • To start the quest players need to interact with the mirror maiden at the location given on the image above. (can also be seen by the “!” mark, she will tell travelers about a photo)
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  • Go to the location given above on Broken Island (represented by “hilichurl pin”), players will get a Silver Pocket Watch.
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  • Return the Silver Pocket Watch to the mirror maiden.
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  • After returning the pocket watch, check the direction in which mirror maiden left.
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  • Unseal the vine-covered cave entrance by using the gramophones and performed notes.
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  • Saving the Irogunner Legionnaire and reuniting both the fatui, look for the traces of other group members.

Note: Players need to place themselves in water to get on the original form of Minacious Island to complete the Misplaced Photo quest.

The Misplaced Photo World Quest rewards

Below mentioned are the several rewards that players will get upon completing the Misplaced Photo world quest:

  • Primogems x 30
  • Hero’s wit x 3
  • Adventure EXP x 250
  • Mora x 30,000

That’s all about the Genshin Impact Misplaced Photo World Quest!

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