Genshin Impact The Sea of Fog and The Rite of the Trees Quest Guide: Perch locations, How to complete and more

Players, in their effort to get to know the complete details of the dark lore of Tsurumi Islands in Genshin Impact are working to complete the questline “Through the Mists”. On the third day of the questline, players will take part in the Genshin Impact world quest, known as “The Sea of Fog and the Rite of the Trees”.

The Sea of Fog and The Rite of the Trees Quest: How to complete

The quest starts with players conversing with Kama in Ritou where travelers will get to learn more about Kama’s relationship with the island. Players will then have to make their way to Tsurumi, which is covered with fog once more and need to find Ruu situated near the perch.

Genshin Impact sea of fog rite of trees
Kama and Traveller at Ritou

On reaching the location as per the quest navigation, players will not find Ruu and would have to reach further down Tsurumi and talk with local people from the Island to progress further in the quest. In stark contrast to the previous quest where players are trying to restore the perch, travellers are tasked to destroy the perches this time.

There are a total of four perches that need to be destroyed, with the first one being right in front of the place where travellers overheard the conversation of Ipe and Makiri. To do so, hit the trees with all your might be its normal attack or elemental skill or elemental burst until the health bar reaches down to 50 percent.

Thunder spheres

Once the health is reduced to halfway mark, thunder spheres, the source of the perch’s power will spawn and float away. Gamers need to destroy the thunder spheres by using Elemental abilities or Elemental-infused attacks. Physical and Electro attacks won’t have any effect on the thunder sphere’s health. Some of the spheres will be protected by Slimes and Rifthounds, so remember to bring a healer to keep your character alive by countering the corrosion effect.

The Sea of Fog and The Rite of the Trees: Perch locations

Their location will be marked on the mini-map and using Elemental Sight will make it easy to track them down. When all spheres are defeated, one can head back to the perch and finish it by getting rid of the remaining health. Repeat the same for the remaining three perch locations that players have encountered during the second part of the “Through the Mists” questline as shown in the images below with the star-shaped markers.

Autake Plains 

Autake Plains

Shirikoro Peak

Shirikoro Peak

Chirai Shrine

Chirai Shrine

On getting done with all the perches, one must head back to the Ceremonial Site where lightning will strike the ground caused by the angered Thunderbird. Ruu is not happy and expresses his displeasure, but there isn’t much he can do about the situation. 

Disappointed Ruu

Players must go to Inazuma and speak with Sumida to call it a day for Day 3 of the questline and return after server reset for the last part of the questline.

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