Genshin Impact: Three Realms Gateway Offering Event Guide (Dates, Missions, & Rewards)

The Three Realms Gateway Offering event is active in Genshin Impact. Like many of the other seasonal events, it\’s a great way for players to earn extra items and free rewards. During this event, a new dark version of Enkanomiya will begin to appear on the map. Using the new Bokuso Box gadget, players will be able to repel the darkness and unlock rewards along the way. Since this event introduces new areas to the map, it\’s important to play while it\’s available. It\’ll likely be removed once the event is over.

The Three Realms Gateway Offering event will be active from February 17th to March 30th, 2022, concluding Genshin Impact version 2.5. In order to participate, the player will need to have completed Chapter 2: Act 2 and Erebo\’s Secret. Since this quest takes place in Enkanomiya, the player will need to have access to this location beforehand. This features its own set of questline that define the lore of Enkanomiya and explain how its limited light system works.

Throughout the entire event, the player will need to use to Bokuso Box to fight off the darkness. A dark aura will be surrounding enemies, chests, challenge interactions in Enkanomiya that will need to be dispelled before it can be collected. The Bokuso Box only has a limited amount of energy and in order to restore it, the player will need to return to the Statue of the Vassals to gather more light. Alternatively, using Light Conches can add more light. Although, certain objects need more than just the box to dispel the light.

The Three Realms Gateway Offering Waypoint in Genshin Impact

The Waypoint that was introduced during this event will need Aphotium Ore and Tokyo Legume in order to break the seal in Genshin Impact. These can be found all around the ground in Enkanomiya. Combine them with the Bokosuo Box to unlock this teleport waypoint. It\’ll be vital to clear out every Three Realms quest.

Three Realms Gateway Offering: The Eve: This is the first mission in the event. This mission will give players the Bokoso Box after speaking with injured soldiers.Three Realms Gateway Offering: Part I: After obtaining the box, the player will need to activate three Light Realm Chisels to remove all the darkness.Three Realms Gateway Offerings: Part II: Similar to the last mission, the player will need to turn on an additional three Light Realm Chisels.Three Realms Gateway Offerings: Part III: Another mission giving players another three Light Realm Chisels to activate.Three Realms Gateway Offerings: The Aftermath: Completing this will unlock the Call of Ice and Thunder event. Players will be tasked with eliminating a Pyro Abyss Lector.The Bonkoku Enigma: Players will need to find every Damaged Stone Slate to complete this mission.

After clearing out these missions, take on the Call of Ice and Thunder. Here, players will be able to battle the Bathysmal Vishap Herd for neat items. Participating in this event is a great way to get free Primogems in Genshin Impact. Since it\’s only active for a limited time, all the locked rewards will disappear along with it. There are also unlockable Mora, Hero Wit\’s, Oathsworn Eye Catalyst, and Refinement Material.

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