Genshin Impact to release Inazuma OST Album 2 in April

Genshin Impact has had an impact on the gaming industry since its launch. No matter which part of the world, Genshin Impact is one of the most loved and played games. The game was the first runner-up for the PlayStation Game Music Award. Genshin Impact has now revealed that Inazuma Album 2 from the Islands of the Lost and Forgotten will be released in April 2022.

The game’s success was its appealing characters, graphics, and combat systems. Still, the game also has a top-tier soundtrack that should be an industry standard, added with the incredible open world and addictive exploration gameplay.

Genshin Impact Inazuma Album 2: Islands of the Lost and Forgotten

The first Inazuma album is already available for fans to listen to on Genshin Impact’s YouTube channel. The team is finally releasing the second album for fans to listen to and enjoy. Strong and intense background soundtracks backed Genshin Impact’s popular exploration-based gameplay. Users would always be listening to a soothing world-class orchestra during the game.

The Genshin soundtracks are composed by music director Yu-Peng Chen. Still, most of the music is performed by the London Philharmonic Orchestra, the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, and the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra.  

Genshin Impact Inazuma Album 2
Image via miHoYo

Genshin Impact releases soundtrack albums now and then. The team is known for its dedication towards their fans as they constantly request their fans to only listen to official releases and not leaks or beta version music tracks. Genshin Impact now has 7 albums, 311 tracks, and 16 discs.

The Inazuma 2nd album from the Islands of the Lost and Forgotten will be released. Technically the soundtracks are already available on Genshin Impact’s YouTube channel. The OST album consists of “Songs of Innocence,” recorded by a children’s choir and musicians from Shanghai and performed by musicians and company from Hainan.

Yu-Peng Chen also composed this soundtrack and produced it by miHoYo’s in-house music team, HOYO-MiX. Users can stay updated about all the information by visiting the official Genshin Impact website or following the official social media handles.

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