Genshin Impact: Top 10 Playable Characters

Top 10 Playable Characters In Genshin Impact

For two years now, Genshin Impact has been out and the fun RPG game has only continued to impress players as it introduces new characters, constantly updates its map, and adds new quests for players that are up for new challenges. Though the game\’s most recent update, 2.7, has been delayed due to COVID-19, Genshin Impact is always gaining new players,

All this being said, the game is filled with tons of playable characters all of which have different abilities and elemental powers. Choosing who to play can be a difficult task especially when players don\’t immediately have access to every character right away, but there are certainly a few that stand out from the rest.

10 Bennett

Bennett is not a character that can stand alone, but it\’s because he\’s a true support. Though he may not deal the most damage, he increases the entire team\’s damage and healing capabilities, making him extremely valuable in long fights.

He has a high pick rate in some of the hardest quests in the game because he just helps everyone with their stamina. Overall, he\’s a fun support and he is also one of the best characters to play with Ganyu.

9 Albedo

Albedo is a Geo elemental who can deal some serious damage with his Geo elemental reactions. He triggers Geo explosions with a pretty large AoE range that makes him relatively easy to play. Not to mention, he has a short cooldown time.

All of this is to say that Albedo may not be the strongest Geo character to play, but he does have a wide attack range that deals a good amount of damage that he can use pretty consistently. He\’s certainly not a bad character for new players to start playing around with.

8 Xiao

Xiao is one of the only characters in Genshin Impact that only has damage abilities. For this reason, he can absolutely chunk enemies, but he is also really easy to one shot so there is some skill needed to play him.

He does a huge amount of AoE damage and even though his single target damage isn\’t anything special, he can really make a dent in a fight. He also is a selfish DPS in a lot of ways because he tends to stay out on the field and he doesn\’t really need much help from other characters.

7 Raiden Shogun

Raiden Shogun started out as a lackluster character because the electro element wasn\’t a super strong elemental at the time, but she\’s actually a strong choice when players get more accustomed to her playstyle and overall kit.

She is a great support who increases her team\’s damage and she also regenerates energy for herself and her team incredibly quickly. Raiden Shogun is also one of the best characters to play with Yae Miko.

6 Ganyu

Ganyu and her bow do comparable damage to Diluc\’s base attack damage and she can shoot Cryo arrows by just charging her attacks. She has high damage AoE abilities that mesh really well with her crowd control as she continuously freezes her enemies to stop them.

She has high base critical damage and easily chunks her enemies, but she does have low health which makes it difficult for her to stay alive in longer, more sustained fights. She is really fun and her freezing capabilities mean her playstyle is really forgiving for new players.

5 Eula

Eula is one of the top damage dealers in Genshin Impact as she does an astonishing amount of A0E damage with Lightfall Sword and she also does great amounts of physical damage if she builds up stacks of Grimheart.

She has a higher attack speed than most Claymore users and she can reduce enemies\’ abilities to fight and sustain, thus allowing her to continuously amplify her damage against them. She\’s a team carry, but she can also be a little bit of a challenge for new players.

4 Kazuha

Kazuha is an Anemo swordsman who knows how to strike at a moment\’s notice. Not only does he bring something new to the game as its first Inazuma character, but he also is one of the most versatile characters to play as he has really good synergy with practically anyone.

This being said, Kazuha does a ton of damage as one of the best sword users in Genshin Impact, but his damage is only amplified when he works on a team with characters that have elemental reactions. He\’s super strong and fun to play in single-player or multiplayer mode.

3 Hu Tao

Hu Tao is a Pyro character with some serious damage and fun abilities at her fingertips. Though she doesn\’t do as much damage to crowds as Diluc, another very similar character, her single target damage is difficult to beat.

She does a great deal of damage, but what makes Hu Tao so fun to play is that, with the right build, she can be really tanky and her abilities only aid in her health retention. She can take big hits from enemies and come back at them with more damage and more HP.

2 Zhongli

After an update that happened a while back that buffed Zhongli\’s Geo elemental abilities and increased his damage output by a significant margin, he\’s one of the strongest characters in all of Genshin Impact.

Though he deals a significant amount of damage now, his Jade Shield ability also makes him a strong support and there are tons of characters that Zongli plays best with. Having great DPS skills along with some support utility makes him an ideal character for anyone who can\’t decide if they want to play it safe or go full damage.

1 Venti

It\’s pretty widely known that Venti is just the strongest player in the game overall. Even though he\’s one of the oldest characters in the Genshin Impact, Venti is the strongest Anemo support in the game and he also deals a surprising amount of damage on top of that.

His most useful ability is his Wind\’s Grand Ode burst, which creates a storm eye that forces everything around it together. On top of this, he can also launch himself into the air and he\’s great at avoiding attacks from enemies. If there\’s one character that players should learn how to use well, it\’s Venti.

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