Genshin Impact version 2.7 update is delayed by a couple of weeks

Genshin Impact is a live service RPG game that strictly follows a six-week cycle between each update. Until now the game developers have followed that without any delays whatsoever. Even the first two years of COVID-19 that substantially hit the world didn’t hamper the cycle. But very recently, Shanghai has been hit with an alarming wave of COVID-19, increasing the cases by a huge margin. Genshin Impact has now announced that the version 2.7 update will be delayed.

This is indeed a big setback for the fans who are eagerly waiting for the next Genshin Impact update.

The reason behind the delay in the upcoming Genshin Impact update

HoYoverse‘s main headquarters is located in Shanghai and all of Genshin Impact’s development is done in-house in Shanghai. The rise in cases has forced the government to enforce a lockdown on the entire area and people can’t even get out of their homes to stock up on daily supplies.

With the situation this dire, it’s not surprising to think that the development progress should have been halted abruptly because aside from story writing, coding and animations, new events require the voice actors of their respective characters to play their part and that is simply not possible now. A Twitter user has made a thread revealing the harsh situation in Shanghai.

For how long will the Genshin Impact version 2.7 update might be delayed

It’s not possible to determine any timeline on this matter as it depends on multiple factors. However, a leak has surfaced that the update might be delayed by three weeks. The finished beta does suggest that the update was complete aside from a few final touches but without proper testing, one bug might hamper the newly arrived update which explains the delay.

During this delay, there is a chance that an older event might get a rerun along with a character banner to fill up the void, but this is just speculation. The community’s response to the situation has been very positive with travelers encouraging the game developers to delay it as long as they want, as real-life consequences are much more than the game.

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