Genshin Impact Version 3.0: Sumeru Puzzles and Mechanics Explained

The recent patch update of version 3.0 in Genshin Impact added the new Sumeru region in the world of Teyvat. There are a lot of new puzzles and Mechanics added in Genshin Impact with the Sumeru debut update. In this guide, we’ll break down all the Sumeru puzzles and Mechanics explaining their purposes, how to use them, rewards, etc in Genshin Impact.

Table Of Contents
  1. 1. Bouncy Mushrooms 
  2. 2. Purple Mushrooms 
  3. 3. Four leaf Sigels 
  4. 4. Clusterleaves of Cultivation
  5. 5. Dendrogranum
  6. 6. Yellow flowers that restore Stamina
  7. 7. Seed Mirror
  8. 8. Dendro Shield 
  9. 9. Ethereal Objects 
  10. 10. Entangled Rocks
  11. 11. Entangled Rocks with Dendro 
  12. 12. Stone Pillar seals
  13. 13. Farm nurseries in the wild
  14. 14. Phantasmal Gates
  15. 15. Withering zones 
  16. 16. Candles and Flames of Life
  17. 17. Withering Branches and Tumors in Genshin Impact
  18. 18. Fungal spores and Inactivated Fungal Nucleus 

Sumeru puzzles and Mechanics in Genshin Impact

1. Bouncy Mushrooms 

Image via HoYoverse

While exploring Sumeru you may have noticed some big green padded-shaped mushrooms these are Bouncy mushrooms, players can use these to jump higher. Bouncy mushrooms have three states: normal, activated (using electro), and inactivated (using pyro). Activated mushrooms give higher jumps than normal state.

2. Purple Mushrooms 

Image via HoYoverse

These are like the Bouncy mushrooms mentioned above except for the fact that these will damage your character if you get too close just like Bouncy mushrooms if players hit these with electro they will get excited dealing even more damage while hitting them with Pyro will get them into scorched state hence resulting in deactivation of mushrooms.

3. Four leaf Sigels 

Image via HoYoverse

These four-leaf sigels are mainly used for fast traveling purposes, these get activated when a player’s camera angle is facing towards these sigels.

4. Clusterleaves of Cultivation

Image via HoYoverse

These are tether pods structure which when hit with Dendro element spawn a four leaf sigel mentioned above which can be helpful in various puzzles and reaching far distances.

5. Dendrogranum

Image via HoYoverse

This dendrogranum is scattered all around Sumeru and is used to spawn dendrograna, just like electrograna from electrogranum in Inazuma. Players can use these to solve various puzzles on enemies and most importantly clear withering zones.

6. Yellow flowers that restore Stamina

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These yellow-looking flowers can be seen while climbing many high trees and mountains. Players can use these to restore a certain percentage of their stamina bar, just go near one if you’re low on stamina.

7. Seed Mirror

Image via HoYoverse

These are special kinds of mirrors that are used to detect nearby nascent withering zones which are yet to be activated. Players can use these to go to the withering spots defeat the enemies and get chests.

8. Dendro Shield 

Image via HoYoverse

Finding these while exploring Sumeru is a bit rare but there are a fairly good amount of Dendro shields scattered around the region. These shields are usually broken by solving other puzzles around them which are connected (just like electro shields in Inazuma). As in this case defeating the whopperflowers to break the dendro shield for the dendroculus.

9. Ethereal Objects 

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These are torches structures just like the ones in other regions of Teyvat except these can only be found in the Sumeru region of Genshin Impact. Players can activate these by hitting the nearby floating seedling with electro and get rewards like the common or exquisite chest.

10. Entangled Rocks

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You may have noticed these rocks entangled with branches while exploring Sumeru hitting these structures with Dendro attacks will lead them to untangle and get the reward. In this case, getting the Dendroculus under the rock

11. Entangled Rocks with Dendro 

Image via HoYoverse

These types of entangled rocks are different players can notice their difference as these also have a dendro seal attached to them. To activate it use the nearby dendrogranum to summon dendrograna and then hit the rock with charged or aimed shot

12. Stone Pillar seals

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These are special kinds of seals that are used to seal enemies, deactivate the stone pillars nearby using Pyro, and defeat the enemies released for Chests

13. Farm nurseries in the wild

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These are puzzles that can be found in Sumeru. These are just like the tiles found in Inazuma puzzles where players have to cover every tile without retracing their steps the same concept is applied here. There are a total of 12 nurseries found in Sumeru completing the puzzle will be rewarded with chests

14. Phantasmal Gates

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These can also be called Vintage Lyre Gates as they need a gadget Vintage Lyre to activate them (can be obtained from world quest: the rhythm that leads to the gloomy path) After activating the gate a challenge will begin and players need to collect the Phantasmal seeds in the area within a limited time frame during the challenge there will be special spaces known as special dream flowers hitting them with electro will also light up the position of the Phantasmal seeds for a short amount of time 

15. Withering zones 

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If there’s anything that’s most dangerous while exploring Sumeru then it’s without a doubt the withering zones. These are dangerous areas that cover certain spots in the lands of Sumeru in these areas trees and plants will wilt and the characters in your party will start accumulating Decay, the more decay a player has accumulated the more debuffs their party members will get on their max HP, ATK, DEF, and RES, if the decay accumulation bar gets full then all the party members will fall.

16. Candles and Flames of Life

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While clearing withering zones players will find these Candles and flames of life when activated these will help players reduce the amount of decay a player has accumulated.

17. Withering Branches and Tumors in Genshin Impact

Image via HoYoverse

These are the cause of withering happening in the first place, to clear a withering zone player first need to clear the three withering branches using dendrogranum to spawn dendrograna and then hit the branches with charged or aimed shots. After taking care of the branches head for the Tumor (boss) and destroy it to clear the withering zone. Clearing withering zones rewards players with at least an exquisite chest.

18. Fungal spores and Inactivated Fungal Nucleus 

Image via HoYoverse

Trying to build your Dendro character but struggling to get the right drops? Here’s why: When farming the floating fungi keep in mind that using Pyro and Electro elements to defeat these creatures will only result in you getting inactivated fungal nucleus rather than fungal spores. To get fungal spores to drop use hydro, anemo, and cryo characters.

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