Genshin Impact Wagner The Blacksmith Cosplay Is An Ode To NPCs

A masterful Genshin Impact cosplay turns a dedicated fan into the blacksmith Wagner, showing some love for the game\’s non-player characters. miHoYo\’s open-world role-playing game features a huge cast of characters for players to encounter, including both playable companions and NPCs like shopkeepers and blacksmiths. These colorful and unique characters have inspired an abundance of Genshin Impact cosplay from the title\’s devoted player base.

Genshin Impact is an ever-expanding role-playing game, with developer miHoYo constantly supporting the title with new content such as locations, characters, and quests. New playable characters are acquired through the game\’s Wish mechanic, which resembles a gacha vending machine system where players spend resources for a chance to unlock a new hero. This constantly expanding roster gives devoted fans a never-ending stream of brand-new cosplays to create, with some going the extra mile to capture each companion\’s magical abilities. Powers in Genshin Impact\’s world of Teyvat range from earth-bending Geo users to fiery Pyro warriors, leading to plenty of variety. For example, a cosplay of Genshin Impact\’s Hydro-wielding Mona uses digital effects to bring her watery spells to life, creating an unmistakable resemblance.

While cosplays of the game\’s playable characters are very common, Reddit user DrKumori has instead brought Mondstadt\’s NPC blacksmith Wagner to life. While the grumpy craftsman does not play a major role in players\’ adventures through Teyvat, he can play an important role due to his ability to craft some 4-star gear. DrKumori very accurately recreates Wagner\’s design, including his white tunic, three apron pockets, forging hammer, and facial hairstyle. DrKumori even goes the extra mile by recreating Schulz\’s Blacksmith Shop as well, with a pile of swords leaning behind him and a smokey red light reflecting the non-player character\’s raging forge.

Genshin Impact gives players a ton of memorable characters to fall in love with, and even more lovable figures are on the way. Genshin Impact\’s upcoming 2.4 update will soon introduce Shenhe and Yun Jin, two polearm-wielding playable heroes who promise to impress fans with their abilities and personalities. Known as the \”Ethereal Soul Amidst the Mortal Realm,\” Shenhe is a 5-star Cryo user who hails from a clan of exorcists. Meanwhile, Yun Jin is a Geo-wielding 4-star character who also serves as the stage director of the Yon-Han Opera Troupe. Both of these characters will introduce their own unique styles to the world of Genshin Impact, meaning that fans will no doubt be creating cosplays in the near future.

With the breathtaking cosplay of the ill-mannered Wagner, DrKumori pays tribute to one of Genshin Impact\’s less popular NPCs. Cosplaying as a playable character is very popular due to the relationship that players forge with them, but DrKumori has instead forged himself into the unhappy blacksmith. With a stellar background simulating the blacksmith\’s roaring forge, the dedicated cosplayer is able to bring Wagner to life in a totally unexpected way.

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