Genshin Impact: What An Electroculus Is (& Where To Look For It)

Exploration in Genshin Impact proves to be an exciting activity for players as it allows them to discover treasure chests, hidden Artifacts, and resources. Along their journey, players can also discover a precious item unique to each region that can be used to upgrade a Statue of the Seven in Genshin Impact. The Mondstadt region contains Anemoculi, the Liyue region contains Geoculi, and the Inazuma region contains Electroculi.

An Electroculus can be offered to one of Inazuma’s Statue of the Seven in exchange for rewards such as Adventurer EXP, Primogems, Electro Sigils, and Inazuma Shrine of Depths Keys. As of Genshin Impact 2.3, in Inazuma, there is a Statue of the Seven in Ritou, Narukami Island, Kannazuka, Yashiori Island, Watatsumi Island, Seirai Island, and Tsurumi Island. Players are able to see the amount of Electroculus needed for the next Level above the Statue’s Rewards preview.

As the Statue of the Seven’s max Level is 10 for each region, there is a finite number of Electroculi to collect. As with Genshin Impact’s Anemoculus, active Electroculi are indicated by a four-point star on the map. When a player enters close proximity of an active Electroculus, the star will appear along with a sound effect, making it easier to players to locate them in the open world.

Genshin Impact: Where To Find The Inazuma Electroculus

When searching for Electroculi, players should establish a starting point – such as one of Genshin Impact’s Waypoints – so that they have a set location to circle back to. For Inazuma, it is best to search one island at a time as there is a lot of ground to cover. Players can find the highest point of the island and deploy Genshin Impact’s wing glider to avoid monsters and focus on locating stars on the map.

Electroculi often lay in plain sight or hide in tricky places. If a player cannot find the Electroculus despite being at the map’s pinpointed location, it is very likely that the Electroculus is high above in the sky or deep below. Electroculi are commonly found hidden away in the crevices of mountains, on the sides of cliffs, or placed strategically behind foliage and other obstructive objects. Players should keep an eye out for Thunder Sakura Boughs, as they can hint toward a Thunder Barrier nearby that may contain an Electroculus among other treasures.

Players can also take advantage of Electroculus Resonance Stones, which can be obtained by crafting at the Crafting Bench in Genshin Impact. Players must first have Inazuma Reputation Level 8 unlocked in order to receive the blueprint for Electroculus Resonance Stone. By using five Naku Weed, five Sakura Bloom, and one Amethyst Lump, players can craft this one-time use item. Upon use, this item will disappear when it locates a nearby Electroculus, marking a radius on the player’s map. These are especially helpful to use when players have only a few Electroculi left to find in order to raise Inazuma’s Statue of the Seven to its max Level in Genshin Impact.

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