Genshin Impact: what character building advices do you have?

Currently at AR37, here’s what I’ve come to understand so far:

  1. Think of the game, not as individual characters, but as parties/groups of characters. To maximize your damage output, you need to take many things into account. While I am nowhere near as good in the maths or optimization department as some folks over on YouTube, you’ll want to have the following:
    1. One main DPS — the character bringing in the pain
    2. One support/healer — the character keeping everyone alive without having to use foods (important in Spiral Abyss), usually Barbara’s the top pick but even Noelle from the starter pack can be a decent healer.
    3. One assist — regardless if you plan on just throwing in their elemental skill or their elemental burst, or using them as a means to recharge your main DPS’ bursts faster, you’ll want a sort of wingman to work alongside your main DPS (on top of the support).
  2. Focus first and foremost on leveling up two teams’ worth of characters. Easily doable even on a F2P account, but you need to understand that because everything is so expensive especially later on, you need to prioritize those 8 characters, organize your characters based on what synergies you’d want/need from them, and then work from there. Only level up any new heroes you get if you really think they’d synergize with your team, because every new person in your roster means more resources spent to get them to a good enough level.
    1. Again: unless you’re really willing to be a whale, you don’t have to buy thousands of primogems to get a good pair of teams. I recommend just leveling up one team, maybe swapping in and out characters from time to time, then leaving behind heroes you don’t expect to use as often, so that later on, you can just farm the level cards and mora needed to bring up all of them.
    2. Heck, if you think about it, even without using any wishes you already have Traveller, Amber, Kaeya, Lisa, and (with enough effort in the Spiral Abyss) Xiangling, and then the starting package nets you Noelle 100% of the time. That’s already 6 characters easy, completely ignoring how you could get Razor through the shop (because again you’re not going to be pulling that much and you kinda need to get 5-star characters/items to get the currency needed for Razor). And with the number of primogems you can get even on a daily and weekly basis (thanks to daily quests and events), pulling two more characters is simply a matter of time.
  3. Check your elemental resonances. The right pairings can net you really powerful benefits, like getting your elemental bursts faster, or dealing more damage outright, or lowering your cooldown, or making your healing more effective.
    1. Alongside elemental resonances, work on maximizing elemental reactions (and whatever environmental modifiers might be present, in the case of Spiral Abyss). Melt and vaporize can double your damage output, while crystallize can help prevent attack interruptions and help you absorb more damage if you do get hit. Frozen (and to a lesser degree, electro-static) helps keep enemies from attacking you. So if you know you’re fighting Hydro and/or Cryo enemies, you might want to bring along a pair of Electro and a pair of Pyro characters, so that you have 25% more ATK, 40% less frozen time, and the ability to recharge your bursts much faster, possibly destroying the battlefield faster than if you just brought in your most powerful character(s) numbers-wise [this happened to me when I tried Spiral Abyss 4].
  4. Get the equipment that suits your characters and fighting styles best. To elaborate:
    1. 5-star weapons are definitely something to aim for if you have money to burn, but even some 3-star weapons like a fully-upgraded Slingshot can still be quite good for the attack spamming bow user, while a Sharpshooter’s Oath is more for aiming at weak spots (for example, while my level 50/50 Amber does pitiful 100+ damage against (I think it was level 57) Ruin Guardians, with her 50/50 Sharpshooter’s Oath, weak spots can take 1k+ damage instead).
    2. While you might hear online about how you must get ATK% artifacts as best you can, it doesn’t apply to everyone, because even based on experience, even a 15% increase in ATK doesn’t really feel that different… and apparently that’s because ATK% items only multiply Base ATK (the one you get from levelling up) and Weapon ATK. So for those with really high base ATK (like level 80 5-star characters with 4-star or 5-star weapons), go for ATK% artifacts; otherwise, not really going to do as well as even feather artifacts that give just straight up static ATK. What really boosts damage percentage-wise however, are artifacts that add physical% and more importantly elemental% damage, as those take all ATK into account (my Ningguang’s nearly-8k elemental burst damage can attest to that).
      1. Speaking of Ningguang and elemental damage, it seems Elemental Mastery benefits catalyst users the most, but elemental abilities in general also benefit from it. If you use characters that you just pop out for their elemental skill or burst, those abilities almost always benefit from Elemental Mastery of those characters and not your main DPS, so you can just focus on giving your support/assist characters elemental mastery + high levels (and maybe energy recharge boosters) and then give your main DPS all the crit rate, crit boost, ATK, and other damage boosters out there.
  5. Improve your talents. Some folks might not be aware of this, but talents can be a HUGE source of damage increase, as well as overall ability efficacy. So if you want a tankier tank, or a harder hitting DPS, you’ll want to go to the shrines and farm those talent books.
  6. Finally, DO EVERYTHING. This might seem like a silly thing to say in a “character build” advice answer, but hear me out a bit:
    1. You’ll want to learn what sort of playstyle you’re more comfortable with. So going through the paces of exploring, fighting, and seeing how good each character is at every possible challenge is definitely something you ought to consider. Combat challenges (those challenge markers that look like a red sword stabbed into a pillar) are a nice way of measuring how powerful your team has become and how well you can utilize and improve each character. Perhaps you find your healing or defenses (or dodging ability) lacking, or maybe you see yourself not doing enough damage, or maybe you discover that your DPS’ attacks work better with this new character you got but the new character needs to be worked on.
    2. Additionally, every 10 or 20 levels you’d be blocked by a leveling limit that often needs items found either across the world or from defeating elites/bosses… and as levels progress, you’ll need a lot of them. And for the Traveller, a lot of not only their level gates, but also their constellations are locked behind Adventurer Ranks, so you’re encouraged to bring that up as well. So if you’re going to want your characters to be the best, get your Adventurer Rank up to the point where you’ll need to finish a quest to progress, farm the everloving heck out of everyone’s Ascension requirements, then once you’ve ascended all of them to the highest level you can get them to, continue building up from there. As your world level and your Adventurer Rank increases, so do the items that you can farm to improve your characters even further.
    3. In addition to raising your Adventurer Rank, which gives you tons of stuff as you hit them, daily quests give you primogems. Using those to either net you more pulls (giving you more weapons or constellations to improve one of your current characters, or even a new character to try and synergize with your existing team) or to refresh your resin (which can be a major headache later down the line, especially when farming for stuff your characters needs). If you don’t want to spend real life money on the game, get those free primogems to help get the artifacts and weapons and talents etc. that you need to improve your team.

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