Genshin Impact: What To Do With Unique Rocks In The Chasm

Version 2.6 of Genshin Impact introduces the new region, The Chasm. Consisting of towering cliffs and vast depths, The Chasm contains a myriad of unique mechanisms that players must learn to navigate. Along with the exploration of new terrain, players must solve Unique Rock puzzles.

Unique Rock puzzles are found only in the top portion of The Chasm in Genshin Impact. Players do not need to unlock the Underground Mines beforehand if they wish to solve these puzzles. It is recommended that players unlock the Statue of the Seven in The Chasm in order to navigate the terrain more easily, as this opens the map for viewing.

These Unique Rocks tend to keep important things hidden, such as treasure chests, Spoutrocks, and secret entrances. For example, the entrance of Genshin Impact’s new Chasm Domain, The Lost Valley, is blocked by a Unique Rock puzzle. Here\’s what to do with the Unique Rock Puzzles in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact: Solve Unique Rock Puzzles In The Chasm

Unique Rock puzzles in Genshin Impact typically contain three components: 1) Unique Rocks, 2) normal rock pillars activated via Geogranum, and 3) Unique Rock Pillars. Unique Rock Pillars act as the starting point of the chain, while Unique Rocks act as the ending point. Each Unique Rock will contain a symbol that reveals the number of times it must be consecutively hit by a “resonance quake.” Resonance quakes are created when the Unique Rock Pillar is struck by an explosion or blunt force from a Claymore or Geo skill.

Players must activate any normal rock pillars with nearby Geogranum if applicable. Then, they must strike the Unique Rock Pillar in order to send out the first resonant wave. If this attempt does not strike the Unique Rock adequately, then players will need to place a Geo construct – formed by Genshin Impact’s Geo characters – between the Unique Rocks and their Pillars in order to create more resonance quakes or extend the radius of others.

Sometimes a Unique Rock puzzle will have more than one Unique Rock Pillar. This indicates that players will need to activate both in order to form the appropriate amount of resonance quakes. Unique Rock puzzles are solved by forming the correct chain reaction. It is important for players to follow the motion of the resonance quake since they may fall short in a certain area and may need to be extended. When Genshin Impact’s Unique Rocks have been met with the required number of resonance quakes, they will collapse and reveal what has been hidden.

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