Genshin Impact: Where to Find All Fishing Spots in Enkanomiya

Fishing enthusiasts will be pleased to learn that Genshin Impact 2.4 has added two new fish to the catchable catalog, along with three fishing spots within the latest region of Enkanomiya. These locations feature the Divda and Formalo Ray, two cartilaginous fish that Travelers can catch and use as pets for their Serenitea Pot. However, Enkanomiya\’s fishing holes can be quite challenging to find and require a bit of gliding and climbing in Genshin Impact to reach them.

Before embarking on a fishing expedition, it is recommended that players first complete the main World Quests of Enkanomiya if they haven\’t already. As a result of completing these quests, Genshin Impact anglers will have unrestricted access to the region and better understand the layout of the islands, including how to traverse the diverse terrain. In particular, it is crucial that players unlock the full Enkanomiya Map before searching for any of the three new fishing spots.

The two primary fish that most Genshin Impact fishers will want to catch are the Divda Ray and Formalo Ray, which are lured using Fake Fly Bait. Rays are hard to capture, so it would be wise to bring a sufficient quantity of Fake Fly Bait before heading to their fishing holes. Fake Fly Bait is crafted using Sakura Bloom from Narukami Island and Horsetail from Liyue. Additionally, players will find a few other rare fish in Enkanomiya, such as Dawncatcher and Akai Maou. Therefore, those who also wish to catch different fish types should bring other bait variants, including Redrot Bait, Fruit Paste Bait, and False Worm Bait.

All Fishing Locations in Genshin Impact\’s Enkanomiya Area

The first fishing spot in Genshin Impact\’s Enkanomiya is at the southeastern tip of The Serpent\’s Bowels. From the Waypoint, Travelers can head into the cave entrance on the right that leads to a small pool. Opposite from the entryway is a platform where players can fish for Crystalfish, Lunged Stickleback, Divda Ray, and Formalo Ray.

Enkanomiya\’s next fishing location is on The Serpent\’s Heart and can be accessed by gliding down into the cavernous ruins from the northern Waypoint. Players need to look for a broken-down staircase and wall with an entryway overhead. They can travel straight for a short while to arrive at another Genshin Impact fishing hole near a time challenge totem. Here, players can catch Dawncatcher, Akai Maou, and both new Ray fish.

The third fishing spot is also located on The Serpent\’s Heart in Genshin Impact\’s Enkanomiya area and can be reached starting from where the previous underground fishing point was found. Travelers can head back toward the entrance, but, instead of leaving, they can turn left and climb the wall facing several clusters of lit candles. They will need to pass through the crack in the wall and travel down toward the pool beneath. This fishing spot will have Purple Shirakodai, Dawncatcher, and the Divda and Formalo Rays swimming in its waters.

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