Genshin Impact: Where to find Fluorescent Fungus

In miHoYo’s RPG title Genshin Impact, Fluorescent Fungus is a mushroom that glows like a nightlight. Fluorescent Fungus is a local specialty of the Inazuma Region and is only available on Tsurumi Island. They are scattered all over Tsurumi Island and are a key ascension material for Thoma. If you are having trouble finding Fluorescent Fungus, here’s a guide on how to farm 71+ Fluorescent Fungus in just 5 minutes in Genshin Impact.

Fluorescent Fungus in Genshin Impact

We have previously discussed how to gather other farmable materials like Silk Flowers, Cecilia Flowers, Valberry, Wolfhook, Philanemo Mushroom, Windwheel Aster, Glaze Lily, Dandelion Seeds, Small Lamp Grass, Calla Lily, Noctilucous Jade, Cor Lapis, Qingxin, Jueyun Chili, Starconch, Violetgrass, Slime, Whopperflower, Lavender Melon, Onikabuto, Dendrobium, Sea Ganoderma, Sakura Bloom, Naku Weed, Amakumo Fruit, and Sango Pearl. So make sure to check these farming guides as well. For now, let’s focus on Fluorescent Fungus.

Fluorescent Fungus in Genshin Impact

  • Item type: Inazuma local specialty
  • How to obtain: Found in wild

Fluorescent Fungus locations

It is found in the wild all over Inazuma’s Tsurumi Island. Players are suggested to make a farming route from the given locations below so it would be easier to collect them. Use nearby teleportation points to collect them faster.

Here are the locations for 71+ Fluorescent Fungus –

Fluorescent Fungus locations

These are locations for all 71+ Fluorescent Fungus, they are scattered all over Inazuma’s Tsurumi Island near water bodies, trees and can be found in the wild. There are many teleport points near these places so it should be easy to farm them. Fluorescent Fungus refreshes every 48 hours, same as any other ascension/consumable item.

Fluorescent Fungus: Uses

  • Currently Thoma is the only unreleased character that uses Fluorescent Fungus for his ascension. Thoma needs a total of 168 Fluorescent Fungus for his ascension.
  • None of the weapons currently use Fluorescent Fungus in their ascension. 
  • Currently none of the dishes use Fluorescent Fungus as a ingredient
  • You can use Fluorescent Fungus in the Parametric Transformer.

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