Genshin Impact: Where to Find Starshroom

Genshin Impact’s new region, The Chasm, brings new regional specialties for players to collect. Starshroom is a fungus found in the Underground Mines. Its cap resembles a five-point star, and it is golden-yellow in color. Unfortunately, players will not be able to use characters such as Qiqi or Yanfei in Genshin Impact to locate these items via their Passive Talent, so knowing Starshroom locations will be especially important.

To access the full region of the Chasm, players must first complete the World Quest, “Surreptitious Seven-Star Seal Sundering.” It is recommended that players also complete “The Chasm Charters” questline as this reveals the map of the Underground Mines. Afterward, locating Starshroom in Genshin Impact will be fairly straightforward.

Upon collection, Starshroom can be located in a player’s Inventory under the Food tab. This item restores 300 HP to selected characters. Similar to other Food items, their effects are limited to individual players while in Co-Op mode. Though Starshroom may not have a unique purpose yet, it may eventually become needed in a future quest or used as one of Genshin Impact’s Ascension materials.

The Chasm’s Starshroom Locations in Genshin Impact

Starshroom in Genshin Impact tends to be found in narrow caves, deep within the mines. Unlike its ore counterparts – which are commonly found in all parts of The Chasm – these fungi strive in the dark, away from outside factors. They emit a faint glow, which makes them easier to spot while exploring the mines. Starshroom can be found in The Glowing Narrows, which lies to the south of the Underground Mines. Players can take the corresponding Waypoint in the center and follow the stream in a figure-eight motion to collect every Starshroom.

Starshroom can also be found in abundance above The Chasm: Main Mining Area. Players should use the nearby Waypoint and head north until they have reached the areas designated by the green base on the map. There, players should follow the tunnel and circle around to pick up the Starshroom. For players who have the Lumenstone Adjuvant Gadget in Genshin Impact, this may come in handy when passing through areas infested with Dark Mud.

The rightmost clearing of the Underground Waterway contains Starshroom along the brim of the cavern with a few besides the large tree at the base. Players can also teleport south of the leftmost Underground Waterway cavern and head into the cave directly underneath. In addition to the Starshroom there, players will be able to find a hidden pathway that may aid in their exploration. As Genshin Impact players navigate the complex terrain of The Chasm, they will be able to find these regional specialties alongside their journey.

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