Genshin Impact: Where to Find The Rust Worn Key (& What It’s For)

The Rust Worn Key is another collectible item in Genshin Impact. Recently, Genshin Impact introduced Inazuma, a new city where players can explore, take on new missions, and discover new items. The Rust Worn Key is an item that can be used at the barrier site at the end of the \”Sacrificial Offering\” quest in Inazuma.

\”Sacrificial Offering\” is a World Quest in Inazuma that functions as the second part of the Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual questline. For those players looking to make the most out of Inazuma, this questline should be the first thing they complete since it unlocks new areas within this region. Here is where players can find the Rust Worn Key.

Players can collect this Rust Worn Key during the \”A Strange Story in Konda\” mission. This is the first mission for this questline, and players can start it by speaking with the shrine maiden before the fox statues. Eventually, the quest will send players to the bottom of the well. This is where they must go to find the Rust Worn Key.

Where To Find The Rust Worn Key in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Rust Worn Key Location

After entering the well during the \”A Strange Story in Konda\” Genshin Impact mission, players should follow these steps to reach and use the Key:

Step 1: Follow the narrow path through the water until reaching an open room with an Electric wall below it.Step 2: There will be Electrogranum Vine hidden behind a wall on the same level as the player when they first entered a room. Players should grab the Electrogranum and head down through the Electric Wall.Step 3: In this room to the right of the red shrine, there will be another Electrogranum Vine. Players must grab this as well.Step 4: From the Electrogranum Vine, players should climb a wall to the right to find another Electro Wall.Step 5: Players must pass through the Electro Wall and keep climbing up to find a room with a cage. They will need to pull the lever to get inside. The Rust Worn Key will be in this room, along with many other items.

Players will now be able to use the Rust Worn Key to access the Electroculus Lock. Inside will be an Electroculus to collect. These can be offered to any of the Statue of the Seven in Inazuma for rewards. The higher the level of the Statue of the Seven players offer the Electroculus to, the more Primogems the player can collect.

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