Genshin Impact: Where To Get Aphotium Ore

Aphotium Ore is one of the required materials in Genshin Impact\’s Three Realms Gateway Offering Event that Travelers will use to unlock Sealed Teleport Waypoints across Enkanomiya. The Waypoints have been enveloped in a vile Corrosion, and players must gather Aphotium Ore and Tokoyo Legumes to perform the Rite of Diffusal, a cleansing ritual that clears the corruption from enemies, structures, and entire areas. Genshin Impact fans will need a special Gadget to conduct the Rite — the Bokuso Box.

The Bokuso Box is a new event Gadget that can be used in a variety of ways, including clearing away Corrosion, providing Corrosion resistance, damaging enemies, and displaying essential event items on the minimap. However, to unlock the full capability of the Bokuso Box, Travelers will need to upgrade Gadget using a new currency called Light Realm Sigils. Sigils can be offered at the Statue of the Vassals to increase the level of the Bokuso Box by one.

To farm Light Realm Sigils in Genshin Impact, players can open treasure chests and complete event objectives, such as unlocking the Sealed Teleport Waypoints. The best way to earn an unlimited amount of Sigils in Genshin Impact would be to clear the Sentou Trials. Players can complete a Trial to receive their rewards of Sigils and then rest at the Statue of the Vassals to refresh all Sentou Trials. Repeat this process to level the Bokuso Box quickly. Once the Bokuso Box reaches Level 1, Genshin Impact fans will be able to see Aphotium Ore nodes on their minimap.

Where to Find Aphotium Ore In Genshin Impact

Aphotium Ore can be collected by approaching a node and pressing the Gadget button, such as Z on PC, to activate the Bokuso Box. A burst of energy will emanate from the box, allowing players to gather the ore. Aphotium Ore is located across every island in Enkanomiya except for Dainichi Mikoshi. As Travelers collect ore in Genshin Impact, the Bokuso Box\’s Energy will gradually deplete. To replenish the Gadget, players can interact with Light Conches and Coral Butterflies that can be found along the farming routes for Aphotium Ore and Tokoyo Legumes.

An important detail to note is that Three Realms Gateway Offering is a time-limited event that will end on March 30, 2022. Therefore, players should farm Aphotium Ore and Tokoyo Legumes whenever they get the chance to receive their rewards before it is too late. Additionally, Travelers who wish to participate in this event must ensure they\’ve completed the Enkanomiya World Quest \”Erebos\’ Secret.\”

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