Genshin Impact: Where To Get Tokoyo Legumes

Tokoyo Legumes are an event item in Genshin Impact tied with the Three Realms Gateway Offering in Enkanomiya. Travelers must collect these Tokoyo Legumes to perform the \”Rite of Diffusal\” and unlock the sealed Teleport Waypoints that appear across the Corrosion-filled islands of the region. However, players will need the Bokuso Box to gather the plants and conduct the cleansing ritual in Geshin Impact. The Bokuso Box is a new multi-use Gadget introduced in Update 2.5 that allows players to repel the Corrosion in Enknomiya. Once the box attains Level 1, players will be able to see Tokoyo Legumes on their minimap for better convenience.

Before moving on, Genshin Impact fans should note that the Three Realms Gateway Offering is a limited-time event that will last until March 30, 2022. Those who wish to participate in this event to cleanse Enkanomiya must fulfill several prerequisites. First, players must reach at least an Adventure Rank of 30 or higher. Next, the Archon Quest Chapter II: Act II – \”Stillness, the Sublimation of Shadow\” must be completed for the area to become available. Finally, completing the Enkanomiya World Quest \”Erebos\’ Secret\” is required for event participation.

To collect Tokoyo Legumes during Genshin Impact\’s Three Realms Gateway Offering Event, Travelers must have the Bokosu Box equipped; otherwise, the items cannot be gathered, nor will they appear in the world. Additionally, the Legumes will appear translucent from a distance, but as players approach a node, it will gradually materialize, becoming more brightly visible. Unfortunately, such a characteristic makes them quite hard to find, so players should prioritize reaching Level 1 with their Bokuso Box for the Legumes to show up on the minimap.

Tokoyo Legume Locations In Genshin Impact

Players can increase the level of their Bokuso Box Gadget by offering Light Realm Sigils to the event\’s Statue of the Vassals. Every Bokuso Box level will provide benefits such as increased resistance to Corrosion and more Energy stored within the box. To farm Light Realm Sigils in Genshin Impact, players can complete Sentou Trials. Furthermore, fans can rest at the Statue of the Vassals to respawn the trials and earn more sigils.

Tokoyo Legumes generate in every area in Enkanomiya except for the Dainichi Mikoshi. Therefore, the Evernight Temple and The Narrows will naturally spawn plenty of Tokoyo Legumes since they are the largest islands besides Dainichi Mikoshi. Yet, players can also find many nodes in The Serpents Heart and other smaller isles.

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