Genshin Impact: Who The Five Yakshas Are

Genshin Impact Who The Five Yakshas Are

Genshin Impact allows players to explore the vast world of Teyvat. This includes the region of Liyue, home to Genshin Impact’s Geo Archon. However, to quell the monsters and old gods plaguing the land, Rex Lapis called upon the strongest warriors to hail as Liyue’s protectors. These were the Five Yakshas.
[Warning: This article contains spoilers for Genshin Impact\’s main story.]
There were many yakshas in existence, such as the deceased Pervases. Yakshas were illuminated beasts, though some were also Adepti similar to Ganyu who is bound by contract to protect Liyue. Rex Lapis personally appointed five of the strongest yakshas to take on the overwhelming threats against Liyue.

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As the years went on, the Five Yakshas slowly began to suffer from the endless bloodshed. The accumulated karmic debt took massive tolls on their minds and bodies. Soon enough, four out of the five original yakshas were lost to insanity and despair, leaving behind one remaining yaksha. Players are able to discover the official identities of these yakshas in Version 2.7 of Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact: The Tragic Fate of the Five Yakshas of Liyue

Genshin Impact The Tragic Fate of the Five Yakshas of Liyue

Five hundred years prior, a cataclysm broke out. Enemies with the Abyss were sent to attack and destroy different parts of Teyvat, with one of their targets being The Chasm. At this point, three of the Five Yakshas have already faced their demise. Indarias, the Pyro Yaksha, succumbed to her karmic debt before her death. Also driven by madness, Bonanus, the Hydro Yaksha, fatally wounded her comrade, the Geo Yaksha Menogias before presumably perishing after. From that point, the Electro and Anemo Yaksha, Bosacius and Xiao, remained.

During the battle at The Chasm five hundred years ago, Bosacius was already plagued with insanity due to his karmic debt. Even in this state, he heard the calls of battle and fought alongside the Millelith soldiers to protect Liyue before his death. Bosacius had succeeded in sealing the threat within the Underground Mines of The Chasm in Genshin Impact. However, he did not know his own name, and thus his heroics remained uncredited – until Xiao chose to investigate the “Nameless Yaksha” of The Chasm.
There, Xiao discovers that Bosacius had sacrificed himself in order to protect Liyue, as he was entrusted to do by Rex Lapis. The memories of the Electro Yaksha remained in the Domain with the help of the Fantastic Compass, and Xiao finally received closure for his lost comrade. Xiao is now the last Yaksha of the original five. He still suffers from his own karmic debt, though his outlook on life and his friendships seems to have shifted for the better. Xiao’s journey is far from over, and Genshin Impact players will be able to look forward to discovering more of his past and his future.

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