Genshin Impact: Why Childe Is Still Worth It After Ayato & Yelan

With the recent release of the long-anticipated Kamisato Ayato and upcoming 5-star Hydro unit Yelan, Childe/Tartaglia has once again become a trending character in Genshin ImpactThere are only 6 Hydro units, or 7 including Yelan, as compared to the most common, Pyro and Cryo at 10 units. Four of those six units are 5-star characters, and three of those six are catalyst users. All three of those Hydro catalysts fulfill the support role. This lack of diversity in the least common element allows for many new additions. This means that every new Hydro unit can offer significant changes to battle.

Tartaglia was the first promotional Genshin Impact Hydro 5-star character for the longest time. Childe\’s kit showed Hydro\’s true potential in Genshin Impact because of how much he diverged from a Hydro support. Sangonomiya Kokomi\’s kit as a healer makes her fall short of overall combat capabilities. Kamisato Ayato was a strong contender for a Hydro DPS, but it is debatable whether he is good or just average. Yelan\’s exact viability remains to be seen but since her weapon of choice is a bow, she may threaten Childe\’s usefulness in battle. Tartaglia is still one of the most divisive units in Genshin Impact, despite being one of the first promotional 5-star characters in the game. Childe is either terrible without his sixth Constellation or he is perfectly fine without it. He is either better or worse than Kamisato Ayato.

Yelan was officially teased by HoYoverse in late March and is predicted to be released in Genshin Impact 2.7. Her leaked kit suggests a sub-DPS role. Leaks of Yelan indicate that she scales off HP for damage, along with Kamisato Ayato. Having characters scale off HP is definitely not a bad idea, especially because HP artifacts can finally be used. Some of the best characters such as Hu Tao and Zhongli all scale off HP. And yet, players claim that Ayato deals much more damage when built with regular ATK stats. This sort of ambiguity makes it difficult for Ayato to be fully optimized. Furthermore, Ayato\’s best artifact set gives him more ATK. Ayato\’s utility passive talent is questionable, and Yelan\’s expedition utility passive belongs to one of the most useless passive talents. Here is why Childe is still a very viable unit, even with Kamisato Ayato and Yelan.

Childe\’s Skill Set Is Like No Other In Genshin Impact

Tartaglia is still the most unique unit in all of Genshin Impact. His one-of-a-kind Genshin Impact character utility passive talent called \”Master of Weaponry\” increases all party members\’ Normal Attack Level by 1. He is still the only unit that has both ranged and melee attacks. In melee stance, Childe\’s attack animations are the fastest, so he applies Hydro very rapidly. Unlike most other Hydro units that excel in sub-DPS or support roles, he does not inflict the \”Wet\” status onto himself and fulfills the role of a pure Hydro DPS.

Players\’ main critique of Childe is his long Elemental Skill cooldown. When he is in melee stance for the longest available duration, his cooldown is a massive 45 seconds. Some people claim he is only noteworthy during his melee stance, and that his ranged attacks are practically useless. Hence, the long cooldown is detrimental to his viability. His Genshin Impact 5-star character Elemental Burst during melee stance scales almost 150% higher than his ranged burst. Initially, a lot of bows\’ passive effects also did not work during his melee stance.

On the other hand, fans of Childe are claiming that he is every bit as viable as any top-tier 5-star unit. His charged ranged attacks can deal some good damage with CRIT and when combined with any elemental reaction. Riptide is applied easier during his ranged stance. His Elemental Burst during ranged stance also returns 20 energy, which he can then continue to collect enough energy for another Elemental Burst in his melee stance, all in one DPS window. He also has one of the highest Elemental Burst scaling, earning him a spot in one of the best Genshin Impact Hydro characters to build.

This is further proven by the \”Heart of Depth\” artifact set that players claimed was created specifically for him. The 2-pc set gives Hydro DMG Bonus, and the 4-pc gives increased normal and charged attack by 30% for 15 seconds after using Elemental Skill. This helps players manage his melee time and prevent long cooldowns. In addition, with all the newer bows released in Genshin Impact, he now has many more viable bow options to choose from.

Players consider Tartaglia\’s Riptide Slash as one the most satisfying things in Genshin Impact. When timed correctly with proper CRIT, Riptide can launch and keep an enemy in midair with its consecutive bouts of Hydro DMG. Riptide will also spread to other enemies if its duration has not yet expired. Enemies inflicted with Riptide allow Childe to deal even more damage, on top of his base scaling. Childe\’s powerful Genshin Impact lore means that Riptide has no quantity limit, a fairly long 18-second duration with his first ascension passive, and it can be easily refreshed.

Fireworks Childe Dominate Genshin Impact Spiral Abyss

The most popular Genshin Impact Tartaglia-lead team is called \”Fireworks Childe.\” It is an Electro-Charged Childe team. With the way Electro-Charged works in addition to high Elemental Mastery, this team can deal continuous damage with almost 100% uptime. Fireworks Childe works very well with other 5-star units like Raiden Shogun and Yae Miko because they deal consistent off-field Electro Damage. This means that Electro can be applied repeatedly. 4-star supports like Beidou and Fischl are also very viable options. Despite being 4-stars, they are still considered to be his best supports.

Electro-Charged is one of the more longer-lasting Genshin Impact Elemental Reactions, so it is reliable damage that can be reapplied over and over. The Electro-Charged elemental reaction deals Electro damage over time and can spread amongst enemies in an AoE. It can also keep enemies in midair when timed properly. Combine that with Childe\’s riptide mechanic and his rapid attacks, and enemies will consistently be launched before they can even make any attacks. Players can run an Anemo unit with this team, and all the damage numbers will truly explode like Fireworks.

Vaporize Childe is another very popular Genshin Impact team. It consists of Tartaglia, Xiangling, Bennett, and any other Anemo unit. Since Childe applies Hydro faster than Pyro is inflicted during Xiangling\’s Elemental Burst, Childe is not the one dealing Vaporize damage. Instead, it is Xiangling, star of Genshin Impact\’s National Team, when her Elemental Burst is active. However, Tartaglia applies Hydro extremely fast, so Vaporize damage can be constantly dealt.

If someone were looking for a pure offensive damage output pair, then they should consider putting Hu Tao and Childe on the same team. They are both \”selfish\” DPS, but they are a surprisingly good duo. Hu Tao benefits from Childe\’s utility passive, and Childe benefits from Hu Tao\’s \”Flutter By\” first ascension passive talent that increases party members\’ CRIT Rate when Hu Tao is no longer in her Elemental Skill state. Hu Tao\’s Blood Blossom can trigger Vaporize with Tartaglia\’s Riptide status.

Tartaglia/Childe is just one of the characters that have started a whole debate amongst Genshin Impact fansIf any character were to not meet the expectations of a 5-star, then it would cause a huge controversy in the fandom. Genshin Impact fixed Yae Miko\’s nerf after receiving many complaints. New characters and what they can provide in combat are the reason people spend in this otherwise free-to-play gacha title. People want different characters that can make combat refreshing, not just improvements of existing characters. The fear of new characters having the potential to \”powercreep\” older ones can be bad for the future Genshin Impact.

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