Genshin Impact: Why It’s Okay That Kokomi Can’t Crit

During the Genshin Impact 2.1 livestream, Sangonomiya Kokomi was showcased, and it was revealed that she will have -100% crit rate. The usual “meta” for Genshin Impact heavily emphasizes crit rate and crit damage, so there has been some backlash from the community. But even though Kokomi doesn’t fit the usual formula for characters in this game, it doesn’t necessarily mean she won’t be any good or fun to play.

When new characters are added to Genshin Impact, there is often some sort of grumbling within portions of the community. When Kamisato Ayaka was released, there were quite a few people who complained about her sprint, even though she was highly anticipated from before the game even launched. Yoimiya has also received her share of backlash, as some believe her Elemental Burst is lackluster.

For some players, crit rate and crit damage are the most important aspect for characters in Genshin Impact. These players put a lot of emphasis on the Spiral Abyss and how quickly they can clear enemies. So for these players, maybe Kokomi isn’t for them. But Genshin Impact isn’t only the Spiral Abyss. In fact, the Spiral Abyss is an incredibly small part of the game, so small that players don’t even need to go there. So while crit damage can be helpful, it isn’t necessary to enjoy the game. Any character can be “good” if they are built well.

Genshin Impact: Kokomi Is Still Worth Pulling For

The Spiral Abyss in Genshin Impact is expected to change Elemental Bursts, depleting health by 1% and even causing death, meaning healers will be more important for this part of the game. When looking at Kokomi\’s skills, it is easy to see that she is meant to be more than a simple DPS. Kokomi’s Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst do Hydro damage and heal her team and herself at the same time. This is incredibly important because the previous Hydro characters that are similar to Kokomi, Barbara and Mona, do one but not the other. With Kokomi on the team, the rest of party will be safe, but players won’t have to sacrifice a spot for someone who doesn’t do much damage.

One of the most time-consuming and frustrating parts of Genshin Impact is Artifact farming. Artifacts are a part of an RNG system, so getting them is essentially random and relies on grinding. So if players are trying to get six artifacts per character, all with crit, attack, and energy recharge stats, it could take a long time and an unspeakable amount of Resin. Artifact farming for Kokomi will be much less of a headache simply because she doesn’t need a crit stat. Those that are used to building their characters around crit will have to think differently on how to build Kokomi, and that’s a good thing. If every character was the same, Genshin Impact would get boring very quickly. There needs to be characters that work differently in order to keep such a long-lasting game interesting.

Kokomi doesn’t need to be the hardest-hitting character to be worth pulling for. For one thing, she looks absolutely stunning with her mermaid aesthetic, and her attack animations are fantastic. She is so unique in that she literally swims through the air while attacking, and her Burst allows her to walk on water. Kokomi is simply fun, interesting, and different from many characters that are already in Genshin Impact. If players like her, they should get her, stats and negative crit damage aside.

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