Genshin Impact: Why More Fatui Harbingers Shouldn’t Be Playable

Genshin Impact is known and loved for its multitude of playable characters. Following the release of Sangonomiya Kokomi, there are now 42 such characters in the game. When new characters are introduced in the story, the community immediately starts speculating over when they will become playable. That discussion is underway concerning Inazuma’s Yae Miko, but fans are interested in other, less heroic characters, too. The Fatui Harbingers are the mysterious villains of Genshin Impact, and while many fans want them to be playable, these characters really shouldn’t be.

[Warning: Spoilers for Genshin Impact 2.1 are below.]

The Fatui Harbingers were introduced in Genshin Impact early on in Mondstadt. La Signora makes a very memorable first appearance as she robs Venti of his Gnosis. Despite such an iconic entrance, there have only been two other Harbingers added since. Tartaglia (aka Childe) is a central force to the Liyue storyline, and Scaramouche, who made his first appearance during the limited event “Unreconciled Stars,” vanished until the most recent update. Of these three, only Tartaglia is playable, and, frankly, he is the only Harbinger thus far that makes any sense as a playable character.

With a game like Genshin Impact that has so many parts and pieces and things to do, the story may not be all that important to everyone. However, when it comes to story immersion, having the current villains of the game as playable characters just doesn’t work. Because of this, it seems unlikely more Fatui Harbingers will be playable in the future.

Genshin Impact: Will The Fatui Harbingers Be Playable?

At the end of the Liyue Archon Quest, the Traveler leaves Tartaglia on pretty good terms. He considers the Traveler a friend because of how strong they are and invites them to fight again. While Tartaglia definitely has a nastier side, he is far less of an antagonist than either La Signora or Scaramouche. This is proven by the Liyue Archon Quest. Signora lies and manipulates him to achieve her goals. Tartaglia is also the youngest and newest Harbinger, putting him on the bottom of the hierarchy. Besides, fighting alongside the Traveler even though they’re supposed to be enemies is fairly chaotic and sounds exactly like something he would do. It\’s true to Tartaglia\’s personality, which is why it works.

Leading up to the release of the 2.1 update for Genshin Impact, there was quite a bit of discussion about when Signora would get her own Banner. Tragically, those hopes and dreams were firmly dashed by the Raiden Shogun and her Musou no Hitotachi. And in case anyone still had any hope of Signora’s survival, the players are told in the game that “La Signora is slain.” All this certainly means that, at the very least, this certain Fatui Harbinger will not become a playable character. Considering she is, arguably, the most iconic Harbinger – having been the first one introduced – her death may be a sign that no other Harbingers will be playable either.

There are also quite a few players who are waiting for Scaramouche to become a playable character, and while it is entirely possible that he will be, it doesn’t seem likely. Unlike Signora, he is very much alive and well in the game, and considering he hasn’t made much of an appearance yet, he will most likely have a role to play later on. However, Scaramouche was introduced to Genshin Impact in 2020 and still hasn’t had his own Banner. While there are characters who are released a little while after their debut, it seems strange that fans are still waiting. His return to the game would have been a good time to release him as a playable character, but that hasn’t happened.

Considering all of the Fatui Harbingers will not be playable due to Signora’s death, it is hard to say which ones will be. The difference will probably lie in how they are treated by the storyline. Tartaglia was painted in a positive light and given quite a bit of screen time, while La Signora was very clearly a villain from the beginning and only popped up here and there. While it is possible that other Fatui Harbingers will be playable, it just doesn’t make sense for the game. Unless they have conflicting loyalties like Tartaglia, the villains of Genshin Impact have no business fighting alongside the Traveler, the hero of the story.

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