Genshin Impact Wolf's Gravestone Claymore Forged By Real Blacksmiths

The Wolf’s Gravestone claymore from Genshin Impact has been forged by actual blacksmiths, and thankfully, they created a video of the whole process. The epic sword lives up to its name, supposedly marking the actual grave of a spiritual wolf within Genshin Impact’s lore. The Wolf’s Gravestone was originally wielded by the Wolf Knight, who then placed it at the grave of his wolf companion, choosing instead to wander the wilds. However, the wolf’s spirit remains, guarding the same land. In fact, the sword can be seen stuck into the ground near a boss fight with the spiritual wolf, Andrius.

A year after its initial release in September 2020, Genshin Impact recently celebrated its first anniversary, which marks the occasion for this video. However, the game has been under fire from fans lately due to a disappointing batch of anniversary rewards. Some fans even went so far as to review bomb Genshin Impact on the app store. This comes after a string of disappointing events and characters being introduced to the game. But there is still hope that developer miHoYo will make improvements.

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YouTube channel That Works posted a twenty-minute video detailing the process of creating Genshin Impact’s Wolf’s Gravestone claymore. There is one major difference to note between a normal sword and a claymore: a claymore is much bigger. This makes the accomplishment of forging an actual Wolf’s Gravestone all the more impressive. Blacksmiths Ilya and Matt show off several techniques to achieve all the necessary details to honor this sword’s legacy.

Watch the Wolf\’s Gravestone claymore being forged on YouTube here.

That Works is known on YouTube for forging physical versions of many other video game weaponry, including the Coiled Sword from Dark Souls 3 and the Dagger of Death’s Flowers from Resident Evil Village. The description of the video points out that Genshin Impact’s Wolf’s Gravestone is the largest sword they’ve worked on so far. It is also very satisfying to see a weapon from the fantasy RPG genre, known for misrepresenting weapons, brought to life regardless of its impracticality.

The creators have already shown interest in working on a Genshin Impact weapon again, and since the video was even sponsored by Genshin Impact itself, the opportunity for further collaboration is a possibility. There is certainly no shortage of new and exciting weaponry to choose from in Genshin Impact. Between the swords, claymores, polearms, and bows, there are over eighty different weapons to choose from. Based on how much fun it looked to swing Wolf’s Gravestone at a few unfortunate watermelons at the end of the video, it’s safe to say these blacksmiths wouldn’t mind the chance to create more incredible Genshin Impact weaponry.

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