Genshin Impact x Mengniu Dairy collaboration to feature the 5-star cryo character, Qiqi

Mengniu Diary is a Chinese dairy company. On June 30, Mengniu Dairy announced on Weibo its third collaboration with the popular open-world, role-playing game Genshin Impact. The event is going to be called The Wonderful Journey with Chocolate and Ice and will feature the cold and cute Genshin Impact 5-star Character, Qiqi.

The Genshin Impact Mengniu Dairy collab will feature four different flavors

The Qiqi Ice cream will be the third character-themed snack released by the dairy company after Paimon and Arataki Itto ice creams. Something different than the previous two times is that the company had released just one flavor of the two Ice creams before. However, this time they have decided to release four different flavors. Each of them comes with a different variety of slime on its cover of the Qiqi Ice cream. An exclusive ice cream product named the Colorful Chocolate Ball is also being planned to be released at the event.

The frozen snack has been revealed to come in four fruity flavors. These four flavors will be orange, peach, lemon, and grape. The ice creams will be packed in a gift box if the buyer plans to buy all the flavors at once and decides to take them home.

Image via miHoYo

The ice cream will be inspired by the Cryo character, Qiqi just like the previous Genshin Impact-themed ice creams and they will come in the shape of popsicles. The last two times, some of the ice creams were also sent to kids in the remote villages of China. So the company might be planning to continue the noble deed by sending the Qiqi-themed ice cream this time too.

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